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Ontario Votes 2003

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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 30

Water, education, food inspection, selling assets, pollution, downloading services, hydro, amalgamation ….

Tell me again why I should be happy with this government. It escapes me.

- Allan Savoy
 Stoney Creek

Over and over I keep reading letters from interested people who find the NDP candidates more sincere, more approachable, more grassroots, and more representational.

If you feel that way, you should neither waver nor compromise. Put your vote where your heart is, and speak out.

- Susan Oppenheim

I am a Progressive Conservative. However, I have to vote against this government.

This government—and I don't think the next will be different—governs by polls instead of political will and sound policy decisions. The arrogance of Eves to stay in office for so long without being elected, on top of the budget debacle, has me believing that he has no awareness of what it takes to be a responsible premier.

- Grant Currie

Goodbye Tories. I won't really miss you.

I went through half of high school and all of university with you in power. I saw, first-hand, the deterioration of the public school system, experiencing the uncertainties that your education cuts brought to everyday life there.

While in university, I scraped by on meagre funds as my tuition soared, and watched as thousands demonstrated against your policies and tactics.

I watched the erosion of our environmental laws and their enforcement.

I have waited for months to see doctors.

I can only hope the Liberals win with a strong showing from the NDP. I just hope they are not wolves in sheep's clothing.

- Sean Shaw

I am one of the countless laid-off, downsized, dismissed, gotten-rid-of (What other descriptions are left?), former civil servants who lost their positions as the "Common Sense Revolution" took hold.

I wonder how the other thousands of people dismissed from public employment will vote, and how their lives have changed?

I will never support anything Tory, and will spend the rest of my life wondering how any political system can be so hard, cold, or mean.

After submitting at least 3,000 resumes, I finally got back into public service, although I'm no longer a middle manager.

It's a shame that Mikey [Harris] isn't here to reap all of his "just rewards."

- Bernie Frymire

I am 15 years old and am doing a project for Civics class. I think all the party platforms sound really good, but I'm wondering if they will actually do all of the things they promise, and, believe me, there are quite a lot.

Although I cannot vote, I want to know that the people in my province's government are not liars, and will take their promises seriously. But, I guess we will just have to trust them.

- Katherine MacDonald

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