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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 25

I agree with the Tories' ideas of stimulating our economy by allowing business a tax break. Growing businesses create more jobs, and thereby create more income-tax revenue for the province, not to mention more consumer spending (PST revenue).

However, Ernie will sell off $1.8 billion in public assets, and Dalton will sell off $900 million in public assets. What are they selling? Just think about this for a minute. Are they going to liquidate parks, departments, or public companies like Hydro One?

Now ask yourself these questions:
1) Do we have public assets we do not need?
2) What happens if the private enterprises that purchase those said assets mismanage them or fail to provide the services those assets are designed to provide? (Power failures, huge waiting times for services, drastic rise in fees, etc.)
3) What if the private company that acquires those assets goes bankrupt?

I will not vote for the NDP, but the Liberals and the Tories need to answer the question of which public assets will be on the block before the election so Ontario Voters can make an informed decision.

- Neil O'Donnell

If we judge our society solely by the material goods and cash we accumulate, we are just a shell of a society. A country, or province, is not just a business deal, as the Conservative party would have it.

It scares me that so many in this province feel they must hoard all that is good, and that dividing the population can have any positive outcome. No one group of people has the right to dictate their beliefs, or prejudices over any other.

This is not a game of winning or losing. Let's not go down that road any longer. We must be equitable to all citizens. Let's put inclusion and honesty back in government, and that means saying goodbye to Ernie and his bunch.

- Ed Kotyk
 Thunder Bay

After watching the debate, all I can say is, please don't vote Liberal. McGuinty is nothing but a salesmen, saying whatever he thinks will get him elected. He avoids direct questions.

This isn't a direct quote, but it's my impression of the debate:
Eves: Mr. McGuinty, why didn't you vote to put teachers back in the classroom?
McGuinty: I think that class sizes should be smaller.

If the Liberals win this election I am going to switch out of my engineering program at the University of Waterloo and go into political science, because somebody is going to have to fix the mess that McGuinty is going to create.

- Matt Moody
 South Pickering

The Tory claim that revenues will increase by cutting taxes is an absurd fallacy. If you follow his logic to its ultimate conclusion, Eves should clearly cut taxes 100 per cent. It raises the question: when will the PCs stop cutting taxes?

Anyone is a fool to believe that the PC government is going to cut billions more from our budget without further cutting health care and education; that they can find the savings from "efficiencies" after eight years of their kind of efficiency cuts; or that this whole process will somehow "strengthen" our schools and hospitals. After seeing the results of Tory "improvements" to our education and health-care services, any persons still believing Mr. Eves on this subject, and voting for him, will get exactly the kind of government they deserve, should he actually win.

The people of this province have had eight years of Tory rule, under Harris and Eves. There has to be something better than this.

- R A Wittig

Why don't we have referendums or plebiscites when we go to vote? Instead of just marking an X, we should be asked questions on public policy, law etc.

- Brad Linnenbank
 St. Catharines

The NDP will take your jobs and prevent you from ever making a decent living. The Liberals will raise your taxes and mess with the elements that are working in this province.

Now I'm not in love with the Tories by any means, but lets be honest people, you have to admit they've done a better job putting a fix to this province than the Liberals have ever done in their history. McGuinty is going to follow the same Liberal fence-sitting, stale and unmoving type of government the Grits are known for in running a province. This type of government just doesn't work for Ontario.

- Rodney Ruth

(Editor's note: In the last 100 years, the Liberals have held power for 16 years, 11 of those coming before 1944.)

The debate was as pitiful as I expected it to be. Mr. Eves apparently spent the entire time repeating scripts designed to punch viewers' happy-buttons and make him sound leaderly. It was the same Eves we saw all through the hydro thing, SARS and the blackout—every appearance as controlled as his hair.

Mr. McGuinty and Mr. Hampton seemed to engage the debate a little more, but were ultimately obstructed by its silly format. They would have been wiser to use it as free commercial time like Mr. Eves did.

The debate should have included the Green Party, which might have improved the debate merely by pulling the other three out of the old ruts and into new rules of competition. It might have forced the other them to talk about vision and ideologies, not just promises and policies that no one believes any party will live up to anyway.

- Daryl Kinsman

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