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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 23

I've just given up on listening to the leaders' "debate." It turned into yet another occasion for all three leaders to try to speak at the same time. If they can't listen to one another, how can we expect them to listen to voters?

- Jane Hilliard

Hmm. Ernie Eves is still giving a tax break to private schooling.

Sure, we can split the budget between public and private, but why should we? It's not as if the problems with our public school system are not bad enough. They're starting to stink.

Ernie also doesn't address the issue of high raising college and university tuitions. Why is that?

And banning teacher strikes? Okay there buddy boy. You're going to stop conflicts by resolving matters with a communist-style iron fist? Good luck finding more teachers in the future.

- Andrew Trac

That was, in all honesty, the worst debate I have ever watched.

Dalton McGuinty proved yet again that the strongest weapon in the Tory arsenal is allowing Dalton to talk. He was asked several direct questions, one was even a "true or false", and failed to answer any of them. He sidestepped issue after issue and referred to the three same lines over and over again. Tax cuts for business, tax cuts for independent schools and "we must live within our means". It is no wonder he has lost two straight elections even though he had a large lead at the beginning at both.

The leader of the NDP, Howard Hampton, spend a large amount of time attacking Dalton, leaving Eves alone for the majority of the debate.

Finally, Eves. He answered the questions, at the exclusion of the asset disposal question. He also maintained a much more professional stance and posture than Dalton. But most importantly he showed leadership by not constantly interrupting the other debaters.

- Jerome Julier

After watching the Ontario provincial political debate I can only comment that Ernie Eves is certainly the most qualified to lead this province in the next term.

It seems that Dalton and Howard simply do not have the experience Ernie displays. I find that Dalton is weak on the issues and is very repetitive when discussing important topics. He sounds like an annoying advertising jingle!

I don't understand why anyone would not vote for a government that is going to lower our taxes. If anyone is considering voting Liberal or NDP, please think about having less disposable income and paying higher taxes. Doesn't the idea of having more money in your pocket sound appealing? By implementing tax breaks we can in turn provide more funds for the government due to increased spending on goods and services, hence allowing increased funds for education and health care. It's such a simple equation. I am certain anyone who does not "get it" is not up for the job of being premier of Ontario.

- Kristian McComb

The Ontario Conservatives will bow to pressure from big business. The NDP will bow to pressure from labour, and the Liberals will bow to pressure from anyone.

I was not pleased with the format of tonight's TV debate. The confrontational setting is not conducive to getting the real message from the leaders.

You should explore the style that is used in local ridings. The debates that I have attended allow one or several candidates to answer questions without being harassed by the competition. That is a better way to find out what the party stands for.

I was disappointed that the media did not include the Green Party in the debate. Last week, CBC's "Ontario Today" had good coverage of Frank de Jong, the Green leader. He's on the right track. Thank goodness for radio.

The Green party seems to bow only to the pressure of the environment. They may not win, but it's the beginning of a new era, and I feel good voting with my heart.

- Timothy Lynham
 Sault Sainte Marie

In two years I shall be able to vote, but I fear that will be too late, which is why I chose to post here. I feel both the Liberal and the Conservatives are pretty much the same. They're both wrong and will ruin Ontario. Money doesn't come out of nowhere, like both are claiming it will. They won't raise taxes, yet they will put more money into schools and health care. Money doesn't grow on trees. Someone will pay for it.

So I ask you, as voters, to open your eyes. Either vote for NDP Howard Hampton and take a raise in taxes to maintain the public care which sets us apart from other countries, or vote for the Liberals/Conservatives (they might as well be one) who will privatize everything or put us into a bigger deficit.

People nowadays are so selfish.

- Stephen McLeish

I would like to know if there is an earning limit to be set for Ernie Eves' proposed property tax retirement age exceptions. Is he included in this proposal with his estate, and are his retirement-aged CEO friends part of the tax deduction? Where will the money for municipal taxes have to come from? Will the lost middle class once again be called on to support the finances of the province while the wealthy use tax shelters and the poor get assistance?

- Stan Kicak

(Editor's Note: The PC platform outlines no cap for this property tax reduction.)

I am a teacher in Ottawa at Alta Vista Public School. In Ottawa, due to a lack of funding, the Media Centre was closed, thus preventing us from borrowing necessary resources for students.

Having brought in a new curriculum, the government has mandated that we teach certain things each grade, but they have not provided updated resources to us.

I personally, together with a colleague, in desperation spent over $300 to provide appropriate reading resources for our students. Why do the people in Ontario not realize that teachers are spending hundreds of their own dollars to do their job? We spend our own money to take courses we are forced to take. We are sick and tired of being attacked on all sides and need a premier who will put his money where his mouth is.

- Christen Severson

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