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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 15

I literally stumbled upon Ernie Eves this past weekend (Saturday, Sept. 13). I was visiting my parents in St. Mary's, and caught a piece in the paper saying he'd be visiting that day. As an NDP supporter, I didn't want to miss this opportunity, so I jumped in the car, hoping I'd find the campaign bus (it's not a big town), and as luck would have it I practically ran into it turning onto the main street.

I was not prepared (i.e. no NDP buttons in the car), so I ripped a piece off one of the pamphlets I had in my car and pinned it on my shirt. My intention was to attend this event and hopefully ask him a question or two, although I didn't have any prepared.

So, I arrived to the site behind the first bus, which contained all his press people. Various media were there, and everyone took about 20 minutes to set the stage for Mr. Eves. I had taken my place in the small crowd, actually standing a little off to the side. I was the only visible NDP supporter there, surrounded by PCs, and felt a little awkward.

Literally, less than a minute after I'd found a place to stand, two big, young, stocky guys, dressed entirely in black, with black sunglasses, walked up to me. Without identifying themselves, they asked me how I was and then said, "And what are you doing here today?" I replied that I was there to see Mr. Eves. They asked me if I was there to cause trouble. I replied that that wasn't my intention. Next, they proceeded to say, "If you cause a ruckus we will physically remove you from the area."

I was so stunned I really can't remember if I said anything else. I do remember at some point saying that I was a citizen standing on public property, but I don't think I got much else out.

From the moment Mr. Eves arrived to the second he boarded the bus to leave, I had three men surrounding me—one of the men in front of me, facing me with his arms crossed, and the others on either side of me. They all had little phones, or walkie-talkies, and earpieces.

Someone spoke to me after it was all over and said they overheard another one of these men say that they "had the NDP girl covered!!"

One woman, 5' 3" tall, 125 lbs, with a piece of a pamphlet taped to her shirt.

How frightening and downright shameful that our premier employs people to threaten and intimidate those who don't support him. Doesn't sound very democratic to me.

- Joy Cheskes

Re: Funding
Everyone is blaming the Eve's government for funding cutbacks when in fact it is Mr. McGuinty's friends, the federal Liberals in Ottawa, who cut back transfer payments, then downloaded additional responsibilities on the Ontario system. Don't blame the messenger. Blame the source!

Re: Private MRI Clinics
These clinics are funded by private groups and offer services to the public and charged to OHIP. So, it does not cost you or I any more than an MRI at the hospital. We just get it done six months sooner! What is wrong with that? It could save your life!

Re: Fixing the System, "Time for a change=no change!!!"
There are no easy fixes to the health-care system, whether in Ontario or any other province in Canada. We have a bulging demand without adequate human resources or monies to meet the demand on supply. Changing parties in Queen's Park won't change anything, at least not until we change the federal Liberals, which at this rate that will be another seven to 10 years!

As bad as it seems, it is still a far better system than most other countries or provinces.

- G.S. Walker

"Dalton McGuinty: He's an evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet." —Tory news release

Although the insult tossed at Dalton McGuinty may look silly and innocent, Web-savvy individuals may recognize in it an allusion to the reptilian aliens promoted by Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist David Icke.

Most observers suspect that "reptilian aliens" is anti-Semitic code, where the shape-shifting (and baby-eating) reptiles from outer space were, or are, Jews, alleged to be Jews, or alleged to be Jewish sympathizers.

I really don't think that the Ontario Conservatives should get away with introducing loony, far-right extremist rhetoric into a mainstream political campaign.

Real Conservatives can only be appalled to learn of such ideologies concealed in their midst.

- Brant Boucher

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