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Ontario Votes 2003

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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 11

McGuinty wants to shut down more of our coal-burning hydro plants, so that when we have another power crisis it will even take longer to have power restored!! This is the Liberal platform and think tank.

- Kevin Farquhar

Gee, with all those Tory whiz kids and expensive spin masters at their disposal, you'd think Ernie Harris would come up with a better ad campaign! Instead, he is relying on a rerun.

It looks like Ernie Harris' Road Ahead platform is stuck in reverse.

From what I have seen, the Tory ad campaign based on the 1999 campaign will backfire.

And yes I do mean Ernie Harris! This certainly isn't the kinder, gentler Ernie Eves who wrestled the Tory leadership away from the hardcore Mike Harris disciple John Flaherty. Not only is Ernie stealing Harris' campaign themes, he has also dropped his kinder side in favour of Harris' thuggish approach.

- Frank M.Giorno

I have never regretted paying taxes sufficient to maintain our social safety net. That includes: regulations governing health issues (Clean water. No more Walkertons!); equal access to decent medical care regardless of income or other status; standardized education throughout the system, whether private or public schools; and a generous and welcoming immigration system, with enough controls to protect our populace, but not turn away ordinary everyday folks aspiring for a life in Canada.

I am happy to pay OHIP premiums, property taxes, income taxes, etc., not because I'm ultra generous, or wealthy, but because I want to ensure that we continue to maintain a civilized society with a social conscience.

- Mary Mia

Any candidate who campaigns with a promise that he will make it illegal for teachers to strike, loses my vote.

Banning strikes for essential services is one thing. Where a strike may allow lawlessness, or endangerment of lives and property to go unabated, I can understand the need for the government to ban it.

But to suggest that a government will use its mandate to eliminate the need for contract negotiations with its unionized staff, because it has been patently unsuccessful in negotiating a contract in the previous mandate, would result in convincing all teachers with the wherewithal to find another career to do so. It would leave our schools understaffed with disaffected, defeated employees who have nowhere better to go.

I have consistently voted NDP in federal and provincial elections for the past 17 years. But this election, I will be watching the polls very closely in my riding If it looks like there is a chance that the PC candidate in my riding will win, I will vote for the candidate most likely to defeat him. I hope that it's the NDP candidate, but in this election I'll take the lesser of two evils over the good.

- Jamie Smith,

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