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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 10

The recent spate of new Conservative ads is nothing but lies, what else can you call them? They're not spin, there isn't a grain of substance in them. They're lies. "Dalton McGuinty wants to raise my taxes?" Huh?

What kind of nonsense statement is that?

Perhaps instead, the Conservatives should honestly ask:
"How much do you spend on bottled water per year now that you don't really trust the water coming out of your tap?" or;
"How much less do you enjoy food now that you're unsure it's safe to eat?" or;
"How much do you spend on your children's education now that cuts have all but killed the public system?"

For shame, Ernie.

So their new "ads" make me want to put up some new signs at my house. Big signs, and simple, so folks can't miss them from the road, just to balance the stuff being laid on oh-so-thick by the Tories:

"Eves of destruction: "Remember Walkerton!" "Remember Ipperwash!" "Remember the Blackout!" "Remember Amalgamation!"

This is leadership? This is good government? These are just, uh, "lowlights" of a terrible legacy. And Eves has the audacity to complain about the Liberals!?

This government has no idea of common wealth of citizens, and so they haven't invested properly, not in health care, clean water and air, or in public education.

They've made enemies of the poor and enemies of teachers, without understanding that someone can be poor and still rise to contribute to society as a whole with a minimum of help and support; without understanding that teachers are key allies!

Eves' Tories clearly have no idea about the costs of the social, environmental and political onslaught of changes they've made, and will continue to make if the populace gives them another kick at the can. They've alienated many groups in Ontario, except perhaps for the middle-class, muddled constituency that is now so overworked, unhappy, busy and stressed that they'd welcome yet another couple of short-term dollars in their wallet rebated somehow from their mortgage payments.

It's just more financial slight-of-hand from these charlatans. After all, you've got to pay for that bottled water, and private school for the kids, somehow.

- James H. Roberts

It is quite apparent that the Tories are desperate to hang onto power when they resort to the same smear, and slander that they used last time around.

If they had any principles at all, they would tell us just how we are doing financially after eight years of their rule. But they will never admit that they have run up a multi-billion dollar deficit until after the election, so that they can again cut government services. This is what the tax cuts are all about—nothing more than the privatization of essential services.

This is plain dishonest, and against their own policy of not allowing for any deficits to be run up. Well Ernie, what are the numbers? You cannot ridicule others about how they will spend our money, until you admit honestly how you have done.

It is the sign of unworthiness, when you resort to childish name-calling, instead of an honest and mature exchange of ideas.

- Ed Kotyk
 Thunder Bay, Ontario

I have been spending time trying to locate information that details what the Ontario government spends. There are Web sites with pages and pages of rhetoric promising to rid us of every problem they can think of, but the truth lies in the numbers.

Where is a department-by-department accounting of expenses and current spending, and show me the money to pay for all of these promises, promises and more promises.

- Gary Baker

Infrastructure seems to be off the radar this election, but it's one of the most important issues faced by cities, big and small.

The pavement, sidewalks, sewers are all falling apart across Ontario. Eight years of starving cities of cash is finally starting to show.

How long before we simply dig up the roads and drive on the dirt?

- Thomas Johnston

I think I will be voting Liberal this time. I have read all the parties' platforms and I honestly think the NPD have some really great ideas, but what chance do they have on forming the next government? Not much. I will be voting Liberal so that Ernie does not get back in. I could probably only wish for a Liberal-NDP government.

Eves has been floating from crisis to crisis this last little while and just tries to throw money at the problems, hoping they'll go away. Not much of a leader.

- Brian Matthews

Why isn't anyone questioning the propriety of Ms. Bassett being chair of TVO while her "life partner," Ernie Eves, is premier? This seems to smack of conflict of interest. She may have been appointed by Mike Harris, but perception is the thing. I'm surprised that the media hasn't seized upon this as an issue.

- R. Robert

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