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Ontario Votes 2003

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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 8

Simply put, I will be voting for someone who cares about "all" people.

I will not be voting for a party that uses its own self-righteous beliefs to discriminate against minorities.

- Kim May

Of course education seems to be one of the major issues surrounding the campaign but more to the point for me is the issue of taking shop and home economics out of the senior public curriculum. What was Harris thinking?

Now we are faced with a province fat people who haven't got a clue how to cook because they never got the chance to learn appreciation for basic foods. We are supposedly also at an employment deficit regarding skilled trades people. Imagine who may have considered skilled trades after having a shop class, even though they thought it would be boring before they studied it?

- Lynne McSherry

Howard Hampton has the best ideas in this election. But are his ideas going to make him an NDP leader? I would like to think so! Howard's promises of addressing the housing issues and building affordable housing, which Ontario desperately needs, are assets to his campaign.

Ontarians are fed up with the Ernie Eves and Harris regime.

- Patricia Duck

I cannot believe that McGuinty was willing to bring out his changed hydro policy with a clear admission that he had not cost out the program. I know the Tories are no better on this issue. All the parties are saying hydro bills will go up, but there is no detailing how much. It just seems we will have to accept borrowing greats amounts of money to try to create more generating capacity, since the private /public power issue has been decided in favour of public power.

The politicians know they can get away with avoidance of any discussion of financial pain to be endured since the voters before and after the election will not demand any accountability on this issue. If the polls are right, we will face the prospect of a minority government. No doubt, that will only encourage responsible economic policies on this issue when all parties will be thinking of the next election that could come at any time.

The parties will propose incentives (again backed by taxpayers' dollars) to conserve. Why should the electorate be bribed to buy new windows or efficient washers and dryers, etc., when any voter's self interest demands that such action be done on the part of the voter?

- L.Skoog

So Ernie Eves supports capital punishment. Does that include the execution of Indians occupying provincial parks, or just those with protest signs?

- Michael Kelly

Again, CBC has received numerous e-mails about including Green Party leader Frank de Jong in the televised leaders debate. Here's a sampling:

I find it is strange that Ralph Nader gets a lot of media coverage as the presidential candidate of the U.S. Green Party, third in the U.S. However, the Canadian press consistently denies equal platform to the Canadian Greens. …

Around the world the Greens have come from the fringes to the mainstream of global politics. It's time to recognize that people are truly concerned with the environment, even though many still don't fathom the direct connection with politics and the policies of the ruling parties.

Thank you for giving a voice to the grassroots electorate.

- Peter Probst

I note that the Green Party now have candidates in all ridings. So they should be in all polls and all-candidate debates. Lead the way, CBC!

- Ben Bennett,

Having heard him speak about the issues that Ontarians face, the leader of the Green Party, Frank de Jong, can bring about necessary solutions for positive change and address those issues in ways that the leaders of the Conservative, Liberal and NDP will not. He is a formidable opponent when it comes to speaking on urban sprawl, tax cuts, education, health care and energy.

It is disappointing that he is not included in the televised leaders' debate. At best, only very incomplete debate on the issues will result without him.

It really is time for a positive change.

- Xan Lazaridis

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