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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 7

While the Tories criticize the so-called free-spending of the Liberals, they are loathe to mention the $60,000 two-week trip of former energy minister Chris Stockwell, or former tourism minister Cameron [Jackson]'s pitiful justification for his hotel nights, bar bills and steak dinners. Poor man, he has to drive 50 kms to get home from his work. How many city dwellers in Ontario drive that, or more, without the prospect a steak at all, let alone at the taxpayers' expense.

If the Tories are becoming a bit embarrassed by Eves' attacks on the person of Mr. McGuinty, it is a wise idea. They are infinitely more subject to criticism for the way they move personal expenses to our public purse.

-Bryan Smith

Ernie Eves is really out of touch on the issue of capital punishment. The Tories reintroduced the death penalty eight years ago at Ipperwash. Dudley George was the first to be executed, and Kimberly Rogers was one of the later transgressors to be dispatched.

Eves should really be reviewing and discussing what crimes should be considered a capital offence. It seems to me executing people for the crimes of Annoying a Premier, and Welfare Fraud, may be a little draconian. Rules are rules, I guess, but these rules really should be reviewed.

-Peter Seville  Lansdowne

Ernie has gone back to Harris-type policies since he saw his support ebbing. Another four-plus years of harsh PC policies is not practical or sustainable to a caring society. We don't need a hack Reform party style of government in office right now in Ontario.

The needs and values of the people of Ontario are in jeopardy. This will be my first year voting NDP. Howard will not run a deficit. He, to me, has more dignity then any of the other leaders. The 2006 planned corporate tax cut proposed by PC is going over the deep end.

I think we can deal with one term of giving the poor in this province a break. I can deal with the $1,000 more in my new tax bracket a year ($110k a year). And if you make under $100k a year what's the problem? You are getting a cut in auto insurance for Pete's sake. And all you have to do for it is stomach some low cost housing units.

-Drew,  Norland

CBC has received numerous e-mails making the following point:

I am concerned over your lack of inclusion of Frank de Jong, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, in the 2003 Leaders' Debate.

In this election the Green Party of Ontario is running a candidate in every riding in Ontario. This means that every single voter in Ontario will have the option of voting Green. You should do your duty to the public and include Frank de Jong in the Leaders' Debate. To exclude him would mean you have failed to do your part to educate the electorate about their options.

-Warren Maycock  Orangeville

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