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Ontario Votes 2003

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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 5

So Ernie Eves claimed in a commercial that McGuinty looked like a guy out in the snow, stood up by his date for the high-school prom? I would rather vote for the guy in the snow - at least he knows what it feels like to live in Ontario in January.

-Frank Giorno

If ever there was a red herring thrown into the election fray it was Ernie Eves' declaration of support for the death penalty. It was nothing less than an attention-grabbing stunt aimed at the knee-jerk voters who have put the Conservatives in power for too long. Hey Ernie, the death penalty is not a provincial issue: Walkerton, Hydro, Aylmer, homelessness—while giving tax cuts to your wealthiest friends—those are provincial issues!

-K. Chaplin

The Conservatives are pushing, again, the only real hot button that might have traction with most voters parked with the Liberals—the "Still Not Up to the Job" shill. I openly admit that I doubt Mr. McGuinty's readiness for the minutae of the job, but I suspect that part of that is a discomfort with being opposition leader.

That said, this hot button is one that the Conservatives are playing a very risky game with. We've seen repeated examples of very poor judgement from the premier's office that would leave one assured that Mr. Eves is "Not Up to the Job." People have doubted the abilities of Mike Harris, Bob Rae and David Peterson to do the job, and each performed better in office than the general public would have expected, but while people may doubt the abilities of Mr. McGuinty, they've had clear demonstrations of the lack of abilities and judgement of Mr. Eves.

-Mark L. Kahnt

It doesn't matter what any of [the leaders] say or promise they'll do, because if elected, they won't, for the most part, keep any of those promises.

In this era when the Golden Rule is "He/She who has the gold makes the rules," it's "everyone for themselves," and people die in ambulances while being shuttled between hospital emergency rooms. …

Dalton McGuinty is nothing more than a Tory, fiscal conservative in a red tie, instead of a blue one. And, Mr. Hampton, if public auto insurance is such a good idea, why didn't the NDP implement it when they were last in power?

So, how am I going to vote come Oct. 2? At this point in time, I have no idea. Frankly, I don't trust any of them. None of them are really worth voting for!

-Rod Burden

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