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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

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Letters from Sept. 4

Maybe Ernie Eves would like the death penalty for those politicians who abuse the public by not fulfilling their promises too? Was he born in a cave or what? Even then, the cavemen hunted for food, not for sport, which is how I regard the barbaric practice of societal killing, despite, at times, being lawfully sanctioned.

I like to think the world is getting to be a better place but with anachronistic thinking from a potential leader in Canada, I would have to shrink in shame at this stand that Ernie Eves has taken. Indubitably, we get the government we deserve and if the rednecks vote for him on this issue then something is surely rotten in the state of Ontario politics.

- Dianne Haist
 former Ontarian resident,
 Palmerston North New Zealand

I find it surprising that so many people seem to have trouble identifying the issues in this election. Perhaps these people haven't been to the hospital or a school recently. The lights probably did go out for them a few weeks ago and haven't come back on yet. The Tories have completely neglected health care, education and other critical infrastructure in order to give tax cuts to large corporations and the rich. The needs of the many outweigh those of the few, or the one. Only Dalton McGuinty`s Liberals have a balanced plan that will reinvest in services for all Ontarians, not just the rich.

- Will Bain
 Ottawa South

I have to admit I was on the fence, [but] after hearing Ernie Eves' stance on teachers strikes, I was back on the PC side of the fence. Currently being a fourth year university student, I was in high school when the "dreaded" Bill 160 came to pass and was told at length how horrid it would be to my education by most of my teachers. After the Bill was passed the only thing that effected my education was two years of striking and four years of work to rule.

This ideology that the Tories have done great damage to the education system may influence those who have been out of school for years and have not seen the effects it actually has within the school building, but those of us who have experienced it first-hand know the problem does not lie in the lap of Mr. Harris or Mr. Eves but squarely upon the teachers and the teachers unions.

Bravo to Mr. Eves for not bending under pressure.

- Marc
 Mississauga West

Well, Ernie is up to his Tory tricks again. He is putting out his support of the death penalty, immigration and his views against same-sex marriages. Will he kindly tell us where he stands on abortion, the war in Iraq, third world poverty? Oh sorry, I forgot, he wasn't running for prime minister of Canada! Why doesn't he stick to what he can change as premier. Maybe he should run for Governor of Texas!

He should stick to the issues of this campaign: education, health care, electricity, debt, and safe water and food. I guess he can't because his record in these areas is horrible.

Ernie and Mike Harris have added twice as much in debt in Ontario as the NDP had by 1995. Their mishandling of hydro is going to cost us how many millions, if not billions, more.

- Jamie VanSydenborgh

It's pretty obvious to me that Ernie Eves and his Ontario conservative party don't have any vision for the future of Ontario. Twice in the last week he has resorted to making grand declarations on national issues that don't even fall within provincial jurisdiction: first with his objection to the federal Liberal proposal on same-sex marriage; second with his support for reinstating the death penalty.

It seems Ernie Eves would rather avoid debating the real issues for fear that those of us who do not follow politics too closely might realize that much of the mess plaguing the province is the result of eight years of Tory, short-sighted, corporate politics.

- Scott Mcara

If the Liberals win, Ontario is toast! Dalton wouldn't have a clue what to do with the province if he won. He has no idea what it takes to govern this province. True, some cuts have been deep and painful since 1995, but if we don't get our debt down, our economy will likely tank.

As for health care, I work in that sector, and we've received more money from the province than ever before. All they did was cut the excess, realign spending, then increase the funding appropriately.

As for education, the Tory's did what the school boards had been told to do for decades, by both the Liberals and NDP governments. The school boards had been told to reform, reform, reform, but for decades, they ignored this. So the Tories said, "Fix things or we will for you." The education system went for the status quo, so the Tories made the changes for them.

How can Dalton expect to boost our economy when he has things like this in black and white in his party platform?

"It (his government) will cancel the Harris-Eves government's $3.2 billion corporate tax giveaway …."

It will scare away any new business from Ontario, just when we were starting to lure more here!!!

- Andrew Prescott  Guelph

Ernie Eves really needs to pay closer attention to the issues that Ontarians feel are important to them. I don't personally care if McGuinty looks like a guy who has been stood up by his prom date, nor do I care what Eves feels about the death penalty issue, especially since provinces haven't the constitutional power to deal with it.

If this is the best opening salvo for the campaign that the government can muster, heaven help us if Ontarians fall for the high-school level election bluster. Frankly, it's embarrassing.

- Tim Hall

I find the Conservative government's platform of tax cuts absurd. I came back to Canada after successfully completing a PhD abroad last year. I managed to find part-time work for a few months. I was then unemployed for six months, during which time I was told I didn't qualify for employment insurance, since the benefits system has gotten much more strict. The welfare office made the very helpful suggestion that I go back to school.

I've got student debt comparable to that of a mortgage. I can't find full-time work, due to cuts to higher education (my chosen field of employment). Most of my educated friends have moved to Asia to find work.

I don't own a car, since the insurance rates are too high (despite a perfect driving record), and the roads are so bad my bicycle is now falling apart from hitting all the potholes. I can't find a doctor, since they all seem to have skipped the country, and the urgent-care clinics, eager to pass me along their assembly line, just prescribe me medications I can't afford, rather than take the time to get to the root of any problem I might have.

Is this the same province I left five years ago, or were we annexed by the USA during my absence? The Conservatives definitely can't count on my vote. I would love to earn enough to pay taxes. Don't be fooled, tax cuts only work for the very wealthy.

- Dr. K. Collins,
 London Ontario

I keep hearing about the issue of leadership for this election and I think its bunk. The whole issue of leadership is simply being pinned on the head of the parties while many other cabinet ministers had to 'lead' their own departments. Truly it's these people that the voters are getting sick of. If we vote the Tories back in, then we get back in the Witmers and the Eckers etc.

As well, someone tell me why Ernie Eves' visibility during the blackout crisis makes him such a good leader? It could have been anyone in the role of leader and the same steps would have been taken. Crisis makes heroes of people. You simply have to be lucky enough to be in power during one.

It's time for a change. More than just a complete change of majority governments, but let's have a minority government where the people of this province truly have some control over what their elected officials do.

- Rob Heinbecker

Will the candidates stop slamming each other? I just want to hear all the candidates speak on what they plan to do to better the lives of the voters. Let's focus on that.

There is no need to point out each others faults, voters are well aware of them ….

- Jeanne Robinson

"My personal opinion is that on certain pre-meditated crimes, especially with respect to children and … law-enforcement officers, that the presiding judge and/or jury should have the ability to [prescribe] the death penalty."
- Ontario Premier Ernie Eves - Wed Sept 3, 2003

Yikes! Thank god the province does not have the power to change sentences for criminal convictions. Can you imagine your tax dollars footing the bill for murder? Is that what we go to work for? Is that the kind of 'seasoned' leadership we wish to have for Ontario?

- Michael Malone
 Toronto, Ont

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