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Ontario Votes 2003

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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

Party Platforms
by Paddy Moore

I swear The promises. They're major touchstones by which a government is both chosen and judged.

We've culled from the platforms of the three main parties to provide most of their promises, point by point. Choose a topic in the list to the right for the details.

For information on what the other registered parties are promising, visit their sites listed below:

Communist Party of Canada (Ontario)
Family Coalition Party
Freedom Party of Ontario
Green Party of Ontario
Ontario Libertarian Party
Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party



Platform Details
More platform policy on:


Riding Results Riding Results
See how the election played out across the province, in each riding.
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Reptilian Alien Alien Nation
The Tory campaign strategy was doomed from the start, writes Don Wanagas.
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This note's for you PC 2003:
The Musical

The reporters and the Tories serenade each other as the blue bus rolls on.
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Miss Kitten The cat came back
Julie Ireton observes as the now-infamous Tory news release returns as a juicy photo-op for the Liberals.
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Are you wealthy? Are you wealthy?
A quick look at some of the salaries earned by public servants, both "wealthy" and "not wealthy," according to Ernie Eves' criteria.
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Platform Promises Party Platforms
Compare the platform promises of the three main parties, point by point.
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Media Election Video and Audio
Daily archives of election video and audio in a variety of streaming formats from CBC Radio and CBC Television.
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Twenty Elections from the Archives
From the Big Blue Machine to Premier Bob, the Common Sense Revolution and beyond, CBC Archives looks back at nearly 20 turbulent years of Ontario elections.
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Student Vote 2003
Find out how more than 500,000 Ontario students will get into the habit of voting during this provincial election.
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