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Ontario Votes 2003

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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

Party Platforms: Government
by Paddy Moore

Here are the highlights of the government platforms from the Liberal, New Democratic and Progressive Conservative parties:

Liberal Government Platform                       [top]
Call inquiry into meat inspection controversy at Aylmer.
Have elections on fixed dates.
Introduce Internet voting.
Require ministers to attend Question Period.
Expand powers of provincial auditor to include hospitals, schools, and publicly owned companies.
Ban partisan government ads.
Stop practice of contracting out services for which there are qualified public servants.
Make all government agencies subject to Freedom of Information Act.
Establish Citizens' Jury to determine political spending and contribution limits.
Will disclose contributions as they come in.

New Democratic Party
Government Platform                                   [top]
Call inquiry into killing of Dudley George at Ipperwash in 1995
Call inquiry into meat inspection controversy at Aylmer.
Introduce proportional representation.
Ban "taxpayer-funded political propoganda."
Expand freedom of information legislation.
Toughen spending rules for political parties: reduce election-spending limits by half; make party polls political expenses.
Stop multi-million dollar practice of contracting out tasks that can be performed by public servants.

Progressive Conservative Party
Government Platform                                        [top]
Create "Quality Auditors" for health, education, and municipalities.
Allow Ontarians a 30-day period to comment on significant changes to regulations.
Create process for "virtual" petitions.
Elect committee chairs by secret ballot.
Double time for private members' bills.
Allow greater public input for budget process.
Open key government-service offices on weekends and quadruple the number of service kiosks.
Create "Government Waste Elimination Task Force."
Cap fees paid to government consultants.


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