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Ontario Votes 2003

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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   

Party Platforms: Economic
by Paddy Moore

Here are the highlights of the economic platforms from the Liberal, New Democratic and Progressive Conservative parties:

Liberal Economic Platform                                 [top]
Balance the budget.
Reduce debt "as conditions allow."
Give more powers to Ontario's auditor.
Toughen securities regulation for publicly traded companies.
Build U.S. trade ties, open new global markets.
Make investments in sectors such as the auto industry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, agriculture and food, information technologies, and culture. These would include skills training, research and development, and infrastructure investments.
Reduce paperwork for small business.

New Democratic Party Economic Platform         [top]
Balance the budget.
Toughen securities regulations.
Ban the use of replacement workers during a labour dispute.
Establish Public Accounting Board to oversee professional auditors.
Sector investments: Develop plans for specific sectors to invest in skills, research and development, and strategic infrastructure. One such plan would target the auto industry.
Re-create Ontario Development Fund to finance small- and medium-sized business.
Create a strategic infrastructure fund, targeting transportation, environmental clean-up, as well as tourism and cultural projects.
Create Transportation Trust Fund to reduce gridlock by dedicating three cents of provincial gas tax from every litre sold in Ontario, with 60 per cent for transit, 25 per cent for roads and highways, and 15 per cent for GO Transit.

Progressive Conservative Party
Economic Platform                                               [top]
Balance the budget.
Reduce debt by $5 billion over five years.
Create Workers' Bill of Rights, giving members a vote "in major union decisions," and detailed financial information about the unions.
Consult with the aim of reducing paperwork for small business.
Improve highways by: widening 401, 11, 400/69, 69, and 17; completing 407; and extending 404, 427 and 410.


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