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Ontario Votes 2003

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Election Day: Oct. 2, 2003   
The Leaders' Debate
 by Paddy Moore

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What do you want in a leader?

Trustworthy, charismatic, or inclusive: what are the qualities of a good leader? Karla Hilton explores the changing nature of leadership qualities that people like to see. (Runs 9:41)

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The televised debate is the one venue for the leaders of the main parties to look each other in the eye, challenge their opponents, and pick apart promises.

Our political columnists and our election reporters have all filed their observations on the event, but we also heard from some members of the public.

A number of people in Ottawa invited their friends and colleagues— and CBC—into their homes to watch, groan, and gripe at the leaders and their performances during the Sept. 23 debate.

One debate party was made up of people with an interest in health care; the other was concerned with education. Below is edited audio from each debate party. Further on there's more CBC.ca coverage of the debate, and the issues raised.



The Prognosis

health panel""One question out of the first hour and five minutes is really disappointing, … why is that?"

Three health-care workers from Ottawa diagnosed the condition of the leaders' health-care promises during the debate. Ontario Today's Laurie Fagan recorded their observations. (Runs 8:40)
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The Participants:

Alice Howarth: Nurse Practioner, Somerset West Community Health Centre
  Dona Bowers: Family Doctor, Somerset West Community Health Centre
  Lisa Moore: Family Doctor, Riverside Court Medical Clinic




The Report Card

education panel"I wanted them to tell me that our kids come first. And I wanted them to prove that to me with a concrete plan."

Half a dozen teachers gathered to grade the leaders on their debate performances and education priorities. CBC's Karla Hilton took audio notes.
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The Participants:

Nisha Scullino: Teacher – Math and Science, Gloucester High School
  Michel-Ange Hyppolite: Teacher – Science, Gloucester High School
  Bassey Ekong: Teacher – Science, Brookfield High School
  Mario Deller: Teacher – Technology, Saint Mathew's High School
  Marlène Chouloute-Hyppolite: Teacher – Learning Disabled, Ecole Secondaire Samuel Genest
  Gérard Sylvestre: Teacher – Social Sciences, Ecole Secondaire de Lasalle
Photos: Jérôme Scullino


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