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Is marijuana a dream stealer?

In a day and age when politicians want to legalize it and doctors prescribe it, how do you talk with your kids about the dangers of smoking pot?


Research shows that youth who frequently use the drug can face some serious setbacks in life. A paper published this month in the medical journal The Lancet - Psychiatry found frequent marijuana users were 60% less likely to graduate from high school or university than non-users. The drug alters brain development and is linked to depression, reduced motivation, addiction and schizophrenia. That's why some refer to it as the "dream stealer." 


Open lines with youth psychiatrist Dr. Gail Beck, Director of the Outpatient Youth Psychiatry program at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.


You can also join a web chat right here with Dr. Beck, starting after the show at 1 o'clock,



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