Past Episodes: April 2014 Archives

The Happy Camper

Outdoors expert and author Kevin Callan talked with host Wei Chen about plans to install WiFi "hot spots" in Canada's national parks. Learn more about all kinds of aspects of the wilderness by way of Kevin's Happy Camper website.

Canadian National Film Day

Today (Tuesday, April 29) is Canadian National Film Day. It's a day to watch a Canadian movie---be it a feature film, a documentary of even a series of shorts. Host Wei Chen talked with renowned Canadian actor Colm Feore---who certainly knows his way around the film business---and who's starred in some Canadian classics (including "32 Short Films Aboout Glenn Gould" and "Bon Cop, Bad Cop". Two Ontario Morning listening centres are taking part in Canadian National Film Day---London and Peterborough. And you can get the full schedule of events at the Film Day website.

Sacred Water Circle Gathering

Here's the link to the Sacred Water Circle Gathering website. It takes place from May 2-4 at Trent University in Peterborough.