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Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative website

Here's the link to the Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Initiative website.

Fly Colt Fly at Belleville's Docfest

Belleville's Downtown Docfest starts Friday (Feb 28) and runs through the weekend. Brothers Adam and Andrew Gray are among the filmmakers represented. They live in Belleville...but their doc is about a Washington state serial burglar named Colton Harris-Moore. It's called "Fly Colt Fly". It will be shown on Saturday at the Pinnacle Playhouse. To learn more about the doc, visit the Fly Colt Fly website. And for a rundown of all the films that will be screened over the three days, you can visit the Docfest website.

An Edible Park

Kingston urban farmer, Tim Lyon, describes how local parks can be filled with plants that can be enjoyed not just for their beauty but their bounty. Listen audio (5:04)