Past Episodes: December 2013 Archives

Life Saving Liver Donation

Teenager Sarah Hackett still isn't old enough to be a donor, but if she could, she'd be the first to offer part of her liver to her mother who's in dire need of a transplant. Sherri Edmonds descibes her experience as a living donor. Listen audio (12:07)

Natalie MacLean on Wines

Sommelier and author, Natalie MacLean recommended some wines for holiday giving. Hear here conversation with Wei Chen. (5:13) Listen audio Click here to go to her website nataliemaclean.com.

Artificial Sweetener Floods Grand River

Its as if tens and ten of thousands of cans of pop are being poured into the water. Artificial sweeteners have reached high concentrations in the Grand. Environment Canada researcher John Spoelstra talks about their findings. Listen audio (5:38)