Past Episodes: September 2013 Archives

Kingston Pen Stories

Dennis Curtis worked in public relations at the penitentiary. He's the co-author of a book on the history of the jail. He shares some striking tales from the pen's past. (6:21) Listen audio

Peterborough M.P. Charged Under Elections Act

Dean Del Mastro faces four charges in relation to breaking campaign rules during the 2008 federal election. One of his campaign staffers faces three charges. Glenn McGregor of the Ottawa Citizen has background on the situation. Listen audio (7:53)

Palliative Care Doctor on Assisted Suicide

The debate about assisted suicide has gained momentum after the release of the video made by Dr. Don Low days before his death. Dr. Gary Rodin, who heads a palliative care unit, talks about the professional and ethical issues.Listen audio (7:56)