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Anti gay restaurant

Bad feeling in beautiful Bancroft. An anti-gay clipping from a newspaper, displayed in a local restaurant, has stirred up quite a bit of tension in the community.

Host Wei Chen talked to Nate Smelle. He is a reporter and editor with the Bancroft This Week newspaper.
He has been following the story.

Listen audio (runs 7:51)

Waterlogged Homeowners and House Insurance

Heavy rains and flooding left people bailing and mopping up the mess in their homes. Insurance broker Greg Robertson explains what protection is available and how insurers may change their coverage to account for the unpredictable weather.Listen audio (7:54)

Two Sides to Tasers

The province has authorized the wider use of tasers by Ontario police forces. Paul Kennedy looked into the RCMP's use of tasers following the death of Robert Dziekanski. He talks about the role of the weapon in police response. Listen audio (8:55)