Past Episodes: October 2011 Archives

Medical Causes for Monsters

Family doctor, Peter Lin, explains how some of Hallowe'en's most notorious fiends - vampires, witches and werewolves - may have their origins in actual medical conditions. Listen audio (6:40)

800 Carved Pumpkins on London Front Lawn

Click on this link to go to Judd Kennedy's web page. You can see photos of some of the hundreds of jack o lanterns he puts out in front of his house.

Found Flash Drives Produces Youtube Hit

Musician and recording engineer, Darry Lahteenmaa, discovered a song on a flash drive he found. He decided to surprise its owner, Grade 8 student, Kylie John by turning it into a pop tune.They talked with Wei Chen. Listen audio (6:35) Click here to have a look at the video and listen to the song.