Past Episodes: July 2011 Archives

East Africa Famine

In 1984 the stories Brian Stewart told from Ethiopia showed Canadians what famine looked like. Now more than 25 years later, we hear Brian Stewart's thoughts on the current crisis in East Africa. Listen audio 10:06

Lost Airmen in Muskoka Project

Seventy one years ago a plane with two airmen aboard crashed over Lake Muskoka. Recently the aircraft was discovered and some personal items belonging to the pilots were turned over to their families. We talked to Matt Fairbrass whose dogged determination made the discovery possible. Listen audio 9:49

Sifto Victim

Brenda Kitching talks about her brother, Murray Nesbitt, who died in a workplace accident at Sifto Canada's salt mine in Goderich two years ago. This month, the company was fined 140 thousand dollars in connection with his death. Brenda tells us about Murray and how her family is coping. Listen audio 10:05