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Lara St. John

Here's a link to the website for classical violinist Lara St. John. She's currently a New York City resident...but she's proudly Canadian because she was born and raised in London ON!

No Tipping policy

How would you like to spend a night out at your favourite restaurant or bar and pay the bill WITHOUT tipping? You can do just that in Owen Sound. The newly-opened Avalon Jazz Lounge & Patio has a strict NO-TIPPING policy. Host Wei Chen talked to the Avalon owner
Gary Lawrence Murphy.

Listen audio (runs 5:57)

Avalon's no-tipping policy

The newly-opened Avalon Jazz Bar and Patio in Owen Sound has a no-tipping policy. Instead, it pays its employees a living (as opposed to the minimum) wage. Avalon owner Gary Lawrence Murphy believes that it's the best way to support both his employees and other Owen Sound businesses. You can learn more at the Avalon's Facebook page.

Rescued fawn

Out of tragedy, a special delivery. Lindsay Gollogly witnessed a deer struck by a car, and helped to deliver the fawn. Host Wei Chen talked to Lindsay. She also talked to Sue Meech to find out how the new born is doing at the Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre in Napanee.

Listen audio (runs 8:47)

Canada's History Young Citizens competition

Here's a link to the Young Citizens competition that's sponsored by Canada's History magazine. Paul Grein just graduated from grade 6 at St. Peter and St. Paul's School in Durham and he's one of two hundred elementary school students competing in this national competition.
You can view his video about John Diefenbaker and vote for it by visiting the website.

The Muskoka Sand experts

Here's a link to Hutcheson Sand Mixes in Huntsville, suppliers of sand for the PanAm Games beach volleyball venue.

Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre in Napanee

Here's the link to the Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre

London workers strike

The strike by London's inside workers is more than a month old. There's a glimmer of hope with news that both sides are going back to the bargaining table. But relations are strained between city council and the union. Host Wei Chen talked to Gina Barber. She is a former council member.

Listen audio (runs 6:20)

Queen's University Biological Station Open House

The Queen's University Biological Station is celebrating its 70th anniversary on Sunday, June 28 with an Open House. You can learn more at the Biological Station's website

Melanie Bruleé's new album

Here's a link to Melanie Bruleé's website---Mark Rheaume profiled her and her new album "Debridee".