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with Wei Chen

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Looking Ahead to the Stratford Festival in 2015

Keith Tomasek joined us talk about the line-up for Stratford's 2015 season. Check out his website Stratford Festival Reviews to find out what's being written about this season's productions.

Carleton's UAV Project

Here's the link to the UAV Project at Carleton University.

Save Ontario Shipwrecks

Here's the link to the Save Ontario Shipwrecks website.

Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour

Tickets for Stuart McLean's annual Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour went on sale today (Aug 14). If you'd like to see Stuart and the gang at one of the Ontario shows...you can visit the Vinyl Cafe website for all the details.

Phone Scammer

Here's the link to Joel Mantel's phone conversation with the phone scammer

Ottawa Outdoors Magazine

Here's a link to the Ottawa Outdoors Magazine website.

Two Ontario Wineries that came in out of the COLD!

Here are the links to the two Ontario wineries which Wei Chen talked with about the state of their grape crops following last winter's harsh conditions and the wet, cold spring and early summer that we've had. Wei quizzed Richard Johnstone of By Chadsey's Cairns Winery & Vineyard in Prince Edward County and Mike Todd of Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery in Grey County.

Owen Sound's Tom Thomson Gallery

Here's the link to the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound.

Orillia's The Sharing Place

Here's the link to Orillla's food bank which is called The Sharing Place

Addison Hall Tribute Night in London

Here's the link to the Addison Hall Tribute Night at the Palace Theatre in London on Thursday, August 7.