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Get Back into the Sea!

Be prepared. This week's episode of One Ocean is another shocker: the oceans are stressed beyond belief, and we've accumulated enough evidence to point the finger straight back at ourselves; it's clear we've gotten the oceans into this mess. Get ready to feel something when you watch it.

This reminds me: right after the second episode of One Ocean aired, my sister called me. She was absolutely distraught. The show powerfully illustrated the painful reality of how we have taken so much from the sea and given ruin in return. She couldn't bear the guilt and sadness of the situation.

These were some of the feelings I became used to, sadly, when I started research in Fisheries Science in graduate school. I found it exceptionally hard to find the energy to continue to read about all these things, day after day.

Now I know I've said this before, that it's easy to get overwhelmed about the current grim state of the oceans. But you know what: it's also surprisingly easy to get re-inspired.

All you need to do is get back in the sea*. Honestly, that's all it takes.

I just got in from a day in the cold, Pacific surf off of northern BC. And I was reminded of what it's all about. 'The point', in my mind, is that we would like to be able to play in, eat from, and explore the oceans for as long as we're around. There's no denying the grave situation we're in, and that, with closer to 7 billion people on this planet, it's going to take some serious work.

Living in balance with the oceans is the ultimate goal, and the only sustainable one; we've got a lot to lose if we don't try to reach it. That point was battered into me today as I was tossed around in the waves, and, shaking my head, echoed in my ears as I tried to get the last drops of salt water from them. As I peeled away my wetsuit and the waves continued to crash onto the sand (as they do every day, sometimes large, sometimes small, but every day), I was then reminded why- beyond the air in our lungs, the food in our bellies, the climate around us, and all the other countless resources the ocean provides to us for free- why we further depend on the sea. And that is because it lifts us. Our world would be so much less interesting without it. Anyways. I hope we all have the chance to be reminded of this.

Our spirits and stamina will be renewed with this simple action!

*Obviously, getting back in the 'healthy' sea is ideal!

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