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Studio One Book Club:

Roddy Doyle - Studio One Book Club

Author Roddy Doyle's new novel The Guts revisits characters from the Barrytown Trilogy, including The Commitments, The Snapper and The Van and the reviews have been fantastic!

It's been 10 years since Roddy Doyle was in the Studio One Book Club and there was so much to talk about since that memorable visit; novels, children's books, films and his new stage play based on The Commitments.

The first half of this special interview airs Sat and Sun Mar 1 and 2 after the 8:00 am news each morning.

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Featured Story, Studio One Book Club:

Studio 1 Book Club and Massey Lecture with Lawrence Hill

This year's Massey Lecture, written by Lawrence Hill, is called Blood: The Stuff of Life.

Hill examines the idea of blood in many ways- from social history, to scientific discovery, to how blood can heal us, kill us and divide us.

This is the final instalment of the Studio 1 Book Club and  Massey Lecture on "Blood, the Stuff of Life." 

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Studio One Book Club:

Rob Kapilow at the North by Northwest Musical Book Club

Rob Kapilow is a composer, pianist and author. His book is called "What Makes It Great? :Short Masterpieces, Great Composers." He recently came to Vancouver for a North by Northwest Musical Book Club, co-hosted by music educator June Goldsmith.
Rob is known around the U.S. for his "What Makes it Great" series which started on NPR and which has been developed into full length concerts at Lincoln Centre in New York and other cities.
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