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Featured Story:

Lost and Found

Willwo Yamauchi's new series Lost and Found connects people with people and the things they've lost. 

Listeners send in their stories about something or someone they've lost and then Willow, along with NXNW listeners, tries to solve the mystery.

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On the first episode of Lost and Found, Willow herself told us about her long lost Big Sister Georgie and within hours of airing that story, NXNW listeners were able to reconnect them. 

Now Willow is out to help Sue Davies find the rightful owner of a letter she found.
Here is the e-mail that Sue sent:

While going through  papers from my late husband's family I found a typed letter written on the 17th of Sept. 1916  by JA Tennyson - Smith Lewis Gun Officer 10th. R.W.K. Regt. To  a Mrs. Bennett telling her of her son's death.  It reads;


Dear Mrs. Bennett,

I am most awfully grieved to write to you of your son's death. I can't properly express my proper feelings as they must be so much greater than mine, but believe me I feel Bennett's death very much. He has been with me  over a year now as a Lewis Gunner and has always been one of the most willing men with me. He was No. 1 of the gun, that he was in charge of the gun.

                On Tuesday morning he was carrying the gun to a new position, a German Sniper saw him and Bennett was shot through the head. His death was absolutely instantaneous. We buried him and I have let the Battalion Orderly Room know the position of the grave.

                It hurts me to write to you like this, but I want to express my deepest sympathy with you in your grief.

                                                Yours Sincerely

                                    (signed)  J.A. Tennyson Smith


                                   Lewis Gun Officer,

                                  10th. R. W. K. Regt.

There is no signature on the letter.


I also have a magazine published by the Gravesend and Dartford Reporter Ltd. It is titled "Peace Souvenir and concise history of the war - 1914 to 1918.

The magazine contains articles, photos and one section dedicated to "our fallen heroes" with photos of men from that area who were killed during the war.

There is one  photo of a Cpl. R. Bennett (Denton R.W.K. killed Sept. 12. 1916).

We have also found on the internet information on Lieutenant John Allen Tennyson -Smith from the West Kent Regiment who was killed in action at St. Eloi on  March 7th. 1917.


This is a bit of a mystery to me as no one in the family seems to know where the letter came from. George's mother came to Canada as a small child in 1907 from Gravesend Kent and this is the only connection I can find. I have emailed the paper in Kent to try and get some information but no response.


I would love to be able to send this letter where it belongs so any help would be very much appreciated.

If you can help, send an e-mail to


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Featured Story:

Ciders from Matthew McFarlane

Here are Matthew McFarlane's cider sipping picks:

Merridale - Traditional Cider

Lonetree Ginger Apple

Sea Cider  - Pippin

Guest (Washington State) - Finnrver - Dry Hopped Cider

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Featured Story:

Art Barge - Deadhead

Freelance producer, Eileen Power braves the shallow waters off the Vancouver Maritime Museum in a rowboat, to board the Deadhead, a floating sculpture built on a barge.

Once aboard, Cedric Bomford, his father, retired engineer and Ann, mother of Cedric and Nathan, artist and collaborator on the Deadhead, climb on and about the many spaces aboard the barge, contemplating just how the Vancouver Chamber Choir will fit on the sculpture for two special performances.

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