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Featured Story:

Ciders from Matthew McFarlane

Here are Matthew McFarlane's cider sipping picks:

Merridale - Traditional Cider

Lonetree Ginger Apple

Sea Cider  - Pippin

Guest (Washington State) - Finnrver - Dry Hopped Cider

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Featured Story:

Art Barge - Deadhead

Freelance producer, Eileen Power braves the shallow waters off the Vancouver Maritime Museum in a rowboat, to board the Deadhead, a floating sculpture built on a barge.

Once aboard, Cedric Bomford, his father, retired engineer and Ann, mother of Cedric and Nathan, artist and collaborator on the Deadhead, climb on and about the many spaces aboard the barge, contemplating just how the Vancouver Chamber Choir will fit on the sculpture for two special performances.

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Featured Story:

Pauline by City Opera Vancouver


Freelancer Eileen Power brings us City Opera Vancouver's newest offering, Pauline. Pauline is a chamber opera based on the life and final days of Canadian writer, poet, and actress Pauline Johnson. The music for Pauline is written by Tobin Stokes, and the libretto by Margaret Atwood.

The world premiere of Pauline is at the York Theatre in Vancouver, May 23.

Dramatic-mezzo Rose-Ellen Nichols, left, portrays Pauline.