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Featured Guests:

Brad Cran on "Ink and Paper"



April is National Poetry Month and it's also the month that income taxes are due.

So it seems like a perfect time to talk to Brad Cran, the former poet Laureate of Vancouver and a tax accountant.

Brad Cran has just published a beautiful new book of poems called "Ink on Paper." Join Margaret Gallagher and Brad after the 7:30 news.

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Featured Guests:


Bill Jones is the author of The Deerholme Mushroom Book: From Foraging to Feasting. Deerholme is a farm in the Cowichan Valley. They offer cooking classes and workshops and have monthly dinners - most of it revolving around mushrooms.

Bill Jones is a font of knowledge when it comes to mushrooms whether it's finding them or cooking them.

Here's one of Bill's recipes from the book.
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Featured Guests:

Nisha Patel on summer vacation planning

Spring has hit Canada later and colder than usual. Keep yourself warm this weekend thinking about and planning for your summer vacation.

According to our personal finance columnist, Nisha Patel, now is the perfect time to plan that affordable summer holiday whether you're staying close to home or embarking on an exotic adventure. You can hear Nisha at 6:40 AM.

Nisha Patel is the North by Northwest finance columnist.

Websites she mentioned include kayak, Airbnb, Jetsetter and Airfarewatch.