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4 Play!

If you have ever dreamed of writing for the stage this could be your chance!  The folks at Intrepid Theatre in Victoria are looking for your help once again this year with an event they call 4 Play.

It's a one day theatrical marathon in which 4 plays get written, rehearsed, have costumes and sets built, are performed, reviewed and awarded prizes!

And your job, should you decide to accept it, is to come up with the opening line that all the writers have to use in their scripts!

To get involved just send in a line of dialogue that you think would make a good jumping off point for a plot.  Make it a little odd.  Let's give these writers a challenge.  Send in your best line by Friday April 20 to nxnw (at) and on Sunday morning the winning line will be revealed on the show.

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Listener Cooking Tips Contest

North by Northwest listeners share their cooking tips in the hopes of winning a copy of the latest Looney Spoons cookbook.

Store your spices in a cool dark place. Not above your stove. Humidity, light, and heat will cause herbs and spices to lose their flavor.



If you want to to cut a bunch of cherry tomatoes in half easily take two plastic tupperware style lids the same size. Place the lid rim up on the counter cover the lid with cherry tomatoes. Invert the second lid on the cherry tomatoes and slice in between the lids with your sharpest knife. You will slice all the tomatoes in half and do it in jig time.

Chef Bruce

Instead of letting your root ginger  shrivel up on the shelf in the fridge and then throwing it out.  Keep it in the freezer and take it out to grate and then return it frozen.  No waste.

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