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Featured Guests:


Rachel Poliquin
For years now writer Rachel Poliquin has been immersed in the world of taxidermy. You can read more about her fascination with this practice on her site and now in in a beautiful and compelling new book. 

The Breathless Zoo: Taxidermy and the Cultures of Longing traces the history of taxidermy and explores what it means and how that meaning changes over time. The book contains so many interesting stories about everything from trophy polar bears to stuffed kittens at a tea party!

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Featured Guests:

One Book One Kootenay

The winner!
Well the votes are counted and the winner has been announced for this year's One Book One Kootenay selection. There were three fine books in the running and apparently it was a very tight race!

And the winner: The Third Crop by Rita Moir.  The subtitle to the book is A personal and historical journey into the photo albums and shoeboxes of the Slocan Valley 1800's to early 1940's.  So as you can imagine it's a book filled with fascinating photographs and stories.

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Featured Guests:


It's not easy finding work if you are an actor of a certain age.  So what's a talented, experienced thespian to do?  Well the four esteemed actors behind The FOG have come up with one solution. Form your own professional theatre troupe!

Their first production is an award winning play from Tom Stoppard.  "Heroes" tells the story of three WWI vets who meet in a retirement home in France and plot their great escape!  It runs from September 6 to 30 at PAL Studio Theatre in Vancouver.

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Cue the Muse!

Check out CBC television on Sept. 1 for this documentary about finding and nurturing your creativity.  Jodi Martinson is an award winning film maker and one of the creative team working on this documentary.  The film takes you behind the scenes with a painter, a dancer, a singer and a guitar maker.

Cue the Muse is on at 7 pm Sept. 1 on CBC television.

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Artist Joe Average has a new canvas - photography!


Vancouver artist Joe Average is known and loved for his bright, whimsical pop-art. His images have adorned public squares; street banners; HIV awareness campaigns; Canadian postage stamps -- and public and private collections. Joe has been outspoken about his own journey with HIV for the past 28 years. He has worked to raise awareness and funds for issues related to HIV/AIDS and other charitable causes. And while he stepped away from his painter's easel several years ago -- Joe Average has a new medium for his artistic expression -- photography.

A new canvas -- but still full of that trademark Joe Average colour and eye for beauty. He's just launched a brand new website in which to showcase it -- and Joe came into the studio to talk about it.  (click on 'read more' to see more of the photographic images Joe and I talk about in the interview)

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Golf and Paolo's Signature Series

For more information, including audio and video, on the Think Golf Series that has run on the show this summer check out  CBC Sports.

To listen again to any of Paolo Pietropaolo's wonderful Signature Series check out CBC Music.

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Cooking Club:

Cindy Pawlcyn's Supper Club

Cindy Pawlcyn
It was a great pleasure to have award winning chef and author Cindy Pawlcyn as a guest in the NXNW Cooking Club!  Cindy helped make the Napa Valley a destination for food and wine when she opened Mustards Grill there. Now she owns three restaurants, has appeared on several tv shows including Top Chefs Masters and has won several very important awards for her cooking and her writing.

Her new cook book is Cindy's Supper Club:Meals from Around the World to Share with Family and Friends.  From that book Cindy made a most delicious, beautiful and simple white gazpacho soup for the cooking club.  You can find the recipe by clicking on the Cooking Club link on the right hand side of this page.

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Chef Bruce:



It's fig season and Chef Bruce Wood from Bruce's Kitchen on Salt Spring Island has some great suggestions for using these luscious fruits.

You'll find the recipes when you click on the "read more" tab just below.

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Featured Guests:

Exploring Vancouver: The Architectural Guide

Exploring Vancouver
Harold Kalman wants to take you for a walk around Vancouver!   Well he probably won't be there in person but you can certainly pack along his book.  It's called Exploring Vancouver: The Architectural Guide and it's co-written by Kalman and Robin Ward with photographs by John Roaf.

I had a chance to take a walk around a few blocks of the city with Harold Kalman and you can come along too.

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Featured Guests:

Cassius Khan and the festival of Indian Classical Music and Dance

Cassius Khan
Cassius Khan is internationally recognized for his singing of Ghazals and his tabla playing.  He is one of the few musicians in the world who can do both simultaneously at such a masterful level.

Now he has taken on another challenge, as a festival organizer!  The first Mushtari Begum Festival of Indian Classical Music and Dance happens at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster on Saturday, August 25th.  It features some incredible local talent and guest performers from India.

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Featured Story:

Voices of British Columbia: Warren Crowe of Rossland


In this episode of Voices of BC, historian Rob Budd introduces us to Warren Crowe, who moved to Rossland as a child in the first decade of the 20th century.


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Featured Guests:

Singer-songwriter Dominique Fricot

Dom Fricot.jpg



Sometimes you hear a song by someone you've never heard of - and right away it's the voice that jumps out at you. It's just a beautiful voice, and you want to hear more - and then, once in a while, the lyrics jump out at you too, and the music, and the arrangement - and you realize you're hearing something pretty special. That was the case the first time I heard the music of Dominique Fricot, originally from Salmon Arm & now living in Vancouver, and I was very excited to have Dominique on the show this morning.


Here's an excerpt from our conversation:

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Featured Guests:

The Big Screen with Edward Phillips - 'Some Like It Hot'!

It's the 50th anniversary of the death of screen legend Marilyn Monroe.

Our man at the movies, Edward Phillips comes in to pay homage to one of her classic comedies of the big screen: 'Some Like It Hot'....

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Chef Bruce, Featured Guests:

Chef Bruce's Cherry Clafouti Recipe

Thumbnail image for Chef Bruce!

Here is Chef Bruce's Cherry Clafouti recipe, with which he tantalized us on Saturday morning's show.






Salt Spring Chevre & cherry clafouti with a rye caramel


Cherries are one of the great summer fruits. The chevre from SSI cheese gives the dish a lovely tang and is better than any cream cheese you can find.


For the chevre custard:


12 ounces soft chevre, such as Salt Spring chevre absolutely fresh

3 tablespoons white sugar

4 large eggs separated

2 teaspoons flour

4 ounces whipping cream

1 tsp. vanilla

1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg



In a bowl cream the chevre with the sugar and vanilla. Add the egg yolks and beat to combine. Whisk in the flour and whipping cream. In a separate bowl whisk the egg whites until stiff. Fold the egg whites into the chevre mixture. Reserve the mixture.


For the cherries:


One pound cherries, pitted

1 tbsp. minute tapioca

One quarter cup cane sugar


In a bowl combine the cherries, tapioca, and sugar and mix to coat the cherries. Allow the mixture to sit while you prepare the chevre custard.



To assemble the clafoutis:


the reserved cherries

the reserved chevre custard

4 biscotti, ground into crumbs

1 tablespoon soft butter


Pre heat the oven to 375 degrees.

            Rub the inside of six 8 ounce ramekins with the soft butter. Place some biscotti crumbs in each ramekin and tilt and swirl until the insides are coated with biscotti crumbs. Combine the rhubarb and chevre custard and divide the mixture between the ramekins. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet and place in the pre heated oven.

            Bake for 25 minutes or until the custard is brown, puffy and set. Remove from the oven and serve warm with the caramel and biscotti.


for the caramel sauce ~


1/4 cup raw sugar (demerara or turbinado)

1 tbsp. unsalted butter

one cup whipping crème

one half vanilla bean, split

2 oz. rye whisky


In a large heavy bottomed pot melt the sugar with the butter.  When  the sugar has melted add the vanilla bean and carefully add the rye to the mixture it will steam and hiss don't worry. Add the cream and stir well. If the sauce is lumpy don't worry continue stirring the sugar will melt and the sauce will become smooth.

Bring to a boil and cook for 3-4 minutes remove from the heat and serve with the clafouti.

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Featured Guests:

Triple Wedding

3 Generations of women from the same family are getting married today. Koreen Peck and Bruce Hutton who are in there late 30s, early 40s are the youngest couple. Then there's Koreen's mom, Laurie Peck. Laurie and her fiance Jack Hutchingson are in their early 60s and the whole affair is happening in their back yard. Then there's Laurie's mom and dad.....Marian and Wally Anderson. They will be renewing their vows Sat Aug 4 - vows they first made exactly 70 years ago. Here's the full conversation with Laurie Peck.

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Chef Bruce, Featured Guests:

Chef Bruce on Cherries


Thumbnail image for Chef Bruce!

Chef Bruce Wood tantalized us with his many ideas for cooking with cherries on NXNW today.


Here is one of the recipes he mentioned:


Duck breast with a dried & fresh cherry gastric


It is always important to remember that a duck breast is red meat. If you cook a duck breast like white poultry (chicken or turkey) you will have a tough stringy mess on your hands. It is perfectly safe to eat duck breast medium rare. The other thing to remember is that duck benefits from a sweet and sour sauce. The richness of the meat is cut by the off dry nature of the sauce.


For the duck :

 4 fresh duck breasts


For the marinade:

 one half cup canola oil

one quarter cup light soy sauce

3 tbsp. Red wine vinegar

2 tbsp. Lemon juice

1 tbsp. Worster

2 tsp. Mustard powder

1 tbsp. Sea salt

1 tsp. Cracked black pepper

1 tsp. Chopped parsley

1 garlic clove, slivered


Combine all the ingredients in a non reactive dish (glass or stainless steel) and mix well. Add the duck breasts and turn to coat well with the marinade. Marinate the duck breasts overnight.


To prepare the breasts:


                Heat a heavy bottomed frying pan over medium heat until hot but not smoking.

Place the duck breasts skin side down in the pan and cook until the skin is crisp and most of the fat has rendered out of the breast. Drain off all the fat and strain the fat through a coffee filter. This fat is gold for making pastry, roasting potatoes etc. Remove from the pan and reserve on a plate skin side down. Save the pan for the sauce.

To finish the breasts, heat a BBQ on high and place the breasts flesh down on the hot grill. Cook for 6-8 minutes, or until the breasts are just pink. Remove from the grill and let rest 4 -5 minutes.

Slice the breast thinly across the grain and serve hot with the cherry gastric.


for the cherry gastric:


1 ½ cups pinot noir wine

1 ½ cups red wine vinegar

1 cup white sugar

1 cup dried cherrries

1 cup fresh cherries, pitted



                Combine all the ingredients (except the fresh cherries) in a heavy bottomed saucepan and bring to a boil.

Reduce to a good simmer and cook until reduced to 1/3 of the original volume, add the fresh cherries and simmer a further 2-3 minutes.

                Remove from the heat and cool. Reserve until needed.