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CandidateVote ShareElected
LAFFERTY, Jackson 53.9% X
ZOE, Henry 46.1%
October 1, 11:15:06 PM MT

Disclaimer: Results are rounded off to nearest percentage point. Results are not official until Elections N.W.T. has reviewed the ballot count, which usually takes several days.


ZOE, Henry

Current MLA:

Jackson Lafferty

District Profile:

Monfwi is the new name of what was the North Slave district. It was renamed Monfwi in August 2005, following the signing of the Tlicho land claim and self-government agreement. The district is home to four traditional aboriginal communities, as well as to the Northwest Territories' ultra-modern diamond mines. The district stretches from the north tip of Great Slave Lake to the tree line at the Nunavut border, and consists of low-lying jack-pine forest and lake-dotted Precambrian shield. This is the traditional territory of the Dogrib Dene, who comprise nearly all of the district's constituents.

Rae-Edzo (pop. 1,904) is by far the largest centre and is also the biggest aboriginal community in the Northwest Territories. Many residents there supplement their subsistence hunting and trapping incomes with work in Yellowknife, an hour's drive away. To the north, off the road system, are three smaller, more traditional communities: Rae Lakes (pop. 293), Wekweti (pop. 165), and Wha Ti (pop. 478).

District Map:
From Elections N.W.T.:
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Political History:

In the 2003 election, Henry Zoe beat incumbent MLA Leon Lafferty to represent what was then known as the North Slave district. However, the one-time municipal and community affairs minister resigned in May 2005 after being convicted of resisting arrest. In July of that year, former Dogrib Rae councillor Jackson Lafferty won a byelection by a margin of 78 votes.

In 1999, Rae-Edzo community-works foreman Leon Lafferty beat out seven other candidates, including incumbent James Rabesca, who captured less than seven per cent of the vote. In the prior election, Rabesca had handed Lafferty and four other candidates a decisive defeat. Voter turnout has traditionally been fairly high.


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District Profiles

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