Happy trails: Candidates on campaigns gone by

CBC Online News | Updated September 26, 2007


Part 1: Bill Braden (aired Sept. 18, 2007)

Outgoing Great Slave MLA Bill Braden recalls the sights — and smells — of knocking on 1,100 doors in 30 evenings.
Runs 3:10


Part 2: Judy Tutcho (aired Sept. 19, 2007)

Judy Tutcho, who ran against Norman Yakeleya in the 2003 election in the Sahtu district, remembers "trudging through the snow" in remote communities.
Runs: 3:33


Part 3: Norman Yakeleya (aired Sept. 20, 2007)

Sahtu MLA Norman Yakeleya, who has been acclaimed this year, talks about tramping around grocery stores and baseball diamonds during the 2003 race.
Runs: 2:26


Part 4: Karen Hamre (aired Sept. 21, 2007)

Former Olympic swimmer and 2003 Great Slave candidate Karen Hamre found the election campaign to be an entirely different but equally intense race.
Runs: 3:19

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