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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
North West Territories Legislature

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Voting Day November 24, 2003  
DISTRICT 19: Yellowknife South

Current MLA:

Brendan Bell (acclaimed)

Riding Profile: The Yellowknife South riding is high-density suburbia, embracing middle- and higher-income housing in a newer part of the city. The riding is bounded on the north by Finlayson Drive North, on the east by Range Lake Rd., and on the south by the Kam Lake industrial area. Yellowknife, with a population of 17,913, is the N.W.T.'s capital and by far its largest community.

Political History: As a 28-year-old political novice, Brendan Bell's 12-vote defeat of former Yellowknife mayor Pat McMahon was one of the big surprises of the 1999 election. Narrow victories have been the rule in this riding: In 1995, Seamus Henry upset incumbent Tony Whitford by a mere four votes. Voter turnout here has been low to moderate.

Brendan Bell   359 (40.47%)
Pat McMahon   347 (39.12%)
Mary Beth Levan   181 (20.41%)
Voter turnout   66.8%

Seamus Henry   972 (41.56%)
Tony Whitford   968 (41.39%)
Kirby Marshall   399 (17.06%)
Voter turnout   64.6% (third lowest in the N.W.T.)

 Tony Whitford 
(By Acclamation)

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