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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
North West Territories Legislature

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Voting Day November 24, 2003  

 DISTRICT: Range Lake
Candidate Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Sandy Lee 630 80.56% X
Francis H. Chang 152 19.44%
 Last Update Mon Nov 24 11:03:17 MST 2003 7 of 7 polls reporting
DISTRICT 16: Yellowknife - Range Lake


Francis Chang
Sandy Lee

Current MLA:

Sandy Lee

Riding Profile: The Range Lake riding is formed from newer middle- and higher-income neighbourhoods, trailer courts and industrial lots on the west side of Yellowknife. It includes Stanton Hospital, Range Lake North Elementary School, and the commercial district along Old Airport Rd. Frame Lake forms its eastern border, while Byrne Rd. and Range Lake Rd. are to the south and Finlayson Drive North is to the west.

Yellowknife, with a population of 17,913, is the N.W.T.'s capital and by far its largest community.

Political History: Lawyer and political newcomer Sandy Lee handily won this newly created seat in 1999. Voter turnout was relatively high for Yellowknife.

Sandy Lee   460 (46.70%)
Dave Ramsay   329 (33.40%)
Roger Russell   73 (7.41%)
Voter turnout   70%

*Prior to 1999, Yellowknife Range Lake was divided into the Yellowknife South and Yellowknife Frame Lake ridings.

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It's not easy providing good health care in all the far-flung communities of the Northwest Territories. While Yellowknife and larger centres have successfully tackled recruitment problems, six communities don't even have a nurse. Full Story.

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