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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
North West Territories Legislature

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Voting Day November 24, 2003  

Candidate Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Norman Yakeleya 414 45.59% X
Judi M. Tutcho 210 23.13%
Larry M. Tourangeau 170 18.72%
Frank T'Seleie 81 8.92%
Lucy Jackson 33 3.63%
 Last Update Mon Nov 24 11:03:17 MST 2003 8 of 8 polls reporting
DISTRICT 10: Sahtu


Lucy Jackson
Larry M. Tourangeau
Frank T'Seleie
Judi Tutcho
Norman Yakeleya

Current MLA:

Hon. Stephen Kakfwi, Premier

Riding Profile: The Sahtu is geographically diverse, embracing vast Great Bear Lake, several hundred kilometers of the Mackenzie River valley, and the Mackenzie Mountains that divide the N.W.T. from the Yukon.

The proposed Mackenzie Valley pipeline would cut directly through this riding. Norman Wells (pop. 850), an oil drilling-and-refining centre founded in the 1930s, remains the area's transport and supply hub. It is the only predominantly non-Aboriginal community in the region, and the only tax-based municipality. Deline (pop. 618) and tiny Colville Lake (pop. 108) are traditional North Slavey villages. Tulita (pop. 465) and Fort Good Hope (pop. 727), are also predominantly Dene, and are rooted in hunting, fishing and trapping. The latter community is home to the territory's departing premier, Stephen Kakfwi.

Political History: The retirement of premier Stephen Kakfwi throws the Sahtu vote wide open. Kakfwi, the longest-serving member of the N.W.T. assembly, was first elected in 1987. Since then, he has handily defeated political newcomers from both Norman Wells and Deline. Voter turnout has been low to moderate.

Stephen Kakfwi   466 (60.76%)
Winter Lennie   301 (39.24%)
Voter turnout   60.3%

Stephen Kakfwi   744 (69.99%)
George Cleary   319 (30.01%)
Voter turnout   75.6%

Stephen Kakfwi   (By Acclamation)

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