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Prince Edward Island Votes 2003
North West Territories Legislature

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Voting Day November 24, 2003  

 DISTRICT: Hay River South
Candidate Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Jane Groenewegen 426 44.56% X
Duncan McNeill 286 29.92%
Ann M. Lobb 225 23.54%
Harvey Werner 19 1.99%
 Last Update Mon Nov 24 11:03:17 MST 2003 5 of 5 polls reporting
DISTRICT 03: Hay River South


Jane Groenewegen
Ann Lobb
Duncan McNeill
Harvey Werner

Current MLA:

Jane Groenewegen

Riding Profile: This riding takes in the newer half of Hay River (pop. 3,527), away from the waterfront and focused around Highway 1. The downtown commercial district is here, as are the schools and recreation facilities. Neighbourhoods include high-income suburbs and trailer courts.

Political History: Businesswoman Jane Groenewegen first came to power in 1995, when she beat out Ron Courtoreille for the open Hay River seat. She ran unopposed in 1999, and was named minister of health. She resigned from cabinet in 2001 following her involvement in the secret tape-recording of a private telephone conversation with the territory's conflict commissioner.

Jane Groenewegen   (By Acclamation)

Jane Groenewegen   696 (40.00%)
Ron Courtoreille   654 (37.59%)
George Morin    253 (14.54%)
Voter turnout   80.4%

John Pollard   (By Acclamation)

*Prior to 1999, Hay River North and Hay River South were encompassed in a single riding.

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