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Nunavut Votes 2004
Nunavut Legislature

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Voting Day February 16, 2004  

Candidate Vote Count Pop. Vote X
James Arreak 148 27.06% X
Phoebe Palluq Hainnu 102 18.65%
Samuel Nuqingaq 83 15.17%
Stevie Audlakiak 79 14.44%
Lootie Toomasie 66 12.07%
David Iqaqrialu 60 10.97%
Peter Iqalukjuak 9 1.65%
 Last Update Tue Feb 17 1:06:32 EST 2004 2 of 2 polls reporting


James Arreak
Stevie Audlakiak
Phoebe Palluq Hainnu
Peter Iqalukjuak
David Iqaqrialu
Samuel Nuqingaq
Lootie Toomasie

Current MLA:

David Iqaqrialu

Constituency Profile: The Uqqummiut electoral Constituency covers some of the most forbidding land in Nunavut - the spires, fiords and icecaps of eastern Baffin Island. In the north of the riding is Clyde River (pop. 785), while 350 kilometers down the coast is Qikiqtarjuaq (pop. 519). Both communities are almost exclusively Inuit, and subsistence practices remain strong. In Qikiqtarjuaq, residents profit from sport hunting and from tourism associated with nearby Auyuittuq National Park. A commercial clam fishery provides income for about 10 local divers. Clyde River is one of Nunavut's fastest-growing communities, and housing is thus in short supply. Neither Clyde River nor Qikiqtarjuaq is "decentralized," and territorial jobs are rare.

Political History: The impish, extroverted David Iqaqrialu won this seat handily in 1999, upsetting incumbent Tommy Enuaraq. With all three candidates hailing from Clyde River, Iqaqrialu's secret was shoring up the Qikiqtarjuaq vote: He won nearly 60 per cent of the ballots in that community. Voter turnout in this Constituency has been low to moderate.
David Iqaqrialu    232 (42.80%)
Tommy Enuaraq    187 (34.50%)
Pauloosie Paniloo    123 (22.69%)
Voter turnout    83.28%

Tommy Enuaraq    294 (30.25%)
Lootie Toomasie    186 (19.14%)
Sakiasie Sowdlooapik   152 (15.64%)
Voter turnout    75.64%

Rebecca Mike    197 (26.34%)
Pauloosie Paniloo    110 (14.71%)
Ipeelee Kilabuk    103 (13.77%)
Voter turnout    71.37% (second lowest in Nunavut)

*Prior to 1999, Qikiqtarjuaq and Clyde River were part of the N.W.T.'s Baffin Central electoral Constituency, which included the community of Pangnirtung.

The Speaker of the Nunavut Legislative Assembly

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