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Nunavut Votes 2004
Nunavut Legislature

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Voting Day February 16, 2004  

Candidate Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Jobie Nutarak 142 31.84% X
David Qajaakutt Qamaniq 138 30.94%
Appitaq Enuaraq 88 19.73%
Sam Omik 78 17.49%
 Last Update Tue Feb 17 1:06:32 EST 2004 2 of 2 polls reporting


Appitaq Enuaraq
Jobie Nutaraq
Sam Omik
David Qajaakuttuk Qamaniq

Current MLA:

Jobie Nutarak

Constituency Profile: Geographically, the Tunnuniq electoral Constituency is one of the smallest in Nunavut, taking in Bylot Island and the northeastern extremity of Baffin Island. The landscape - such as that in newly-created Sirmilik National Park -- is predominantly mountainous and ice-capped. Pond Inlet (pop. 1,220), Nunavut's eighth most populous community, is the only settlement in the riding. Many residents practice subsistence; some profit from eco-tourism and from the "decentralization" of Nunavut government jobs, 60 of which have been relocated here since 1999.

Political History: Despite competition from four fellow Pond Inlet residents, airport worker Jobie Nutarak rolled to victory here in 1999. Prior to that year the community was in the N.W.T.'s Amittuq electoral Constituency. From 1995-99 it was represented by Igloolik's Mark Evaloarjuk.
Jobie Nutarak   223 (47.55%)
Caleb Sangoya   94 (20.04%)
Sam Omik   81 (17.27%)
Voter turnout    88.24%

Mark Evaloarjuk   308 (31.82%)
Caleb Sangoya   304 (31.40%)
Titus Allooloo   186 (19.21%)
Voter turnout    68.95%

Titus Allooloo   411 (47.13%)
Lucassi Ivvalu   237 (27.18%)
Enoki Irqittuq   224 (25.69%)
Voter turnout    77.31%

*Prior to 1999, Tunnuniq was part of the N.W.T.'s Amittuq electoral Constituency, which included the communities of Igloolik and Hall Beach.

The Speaker of the Nunavut Legislative Assembly

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