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Nunavut Votes 2004
Nunavut Legislature

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Voting Day February 16, 2004  

Candidate Vote Count Pop. Vote X
David Simailak 352 48.22% X
David Aksawnee 209 28.63%
Becky Kudloo 96 13.15%
David Toolooktook Sr. 73 10%
 Last Update Tue Feb 17 1:06:32 EST 2004 2 of 2 polls reporting
Baker Lake


David Aksawnee
Becky Kudloo
David Simailak
David Toolooktook Sr.

Current MLA:

Glenn McLean

Constituency Profile: The Baker Lake electoral Constituency is the only inland riding in Nunavut, sprawling across the Kivalliq barrenlands to the N.W.T. border. The land here is mostly undulating Precambrian shield, strewn with lakes and cut through by famous rivers like the Back, Kazan and Thelon. The Constituency's only community, Baker Lake (pop.1,507), is the fourth largest in Nunavut, with a population about 90 per cent Inuit. Baker Lake is considered one of the success stories in the effort to "decentralize" Nunavut government jobs: most of the administrative functions of the Nunavut Power Corp. have been relocated here. Residents not working for the government could soon benefit from the proposed Meadowbank gold mine, located 70 kilometres to the north. It is slated to open by 2007.

Political History: With outspoken MLA Glenn McLean returning to the private sector, the Baker Lake riding is wide open. McLean, a convenience-store owner and former hamlet councillor, easily beat out Patrick Tagoona and David Toolooktook Sr. in 1999. Prior to that, Baker Lake was part of the N.W.T.'s Kivallivik Constituency, which included the community of Arviat. Voter turnout here has tended to be high.
Glenn McLean    460 (63.98%)
Patrick Tagoona    187 (26.01%)
David Toolooktook Sr.    72 (10.01%)
Voter turnout    103.01% ** (third highest in Nunavut)

Kevin O'Brien    700 (54.43%)
David Simailak    211 (16.41%)
Silas Arngn'naaq    140 (10.89%)
Voter turnout    90.08% (second highest in Nunavut)

Silas Arngn'naaq    424 (39.59%)
David Alagalak    349 (32.59%)
Gordon Wray    298 (27.82%)
Voter turnout    85.77%

*Prior to 1999, Baker Lake was in the N.W.T.'s Kivallivik electoral Constituency, which included the community of Arviat. **Because of problems in enumeration, voter turnouts occasionally are greater than the voter's list.

The Speaker of the Nunavut Legislative Assembly

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