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DISTRICT: Halifax Needham
CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Maureen MacDonaldNDP443860.62%X
Andrew BlackPC133018.17%
Dr. Errol GaumLIB122016.66%
Amanda MyersGREEN3334.55%
June 19, 4:26:45 PM ADT 1 of 1 polls reporting




Current MLA: Maureen MacDonald (NDP)

Riding Profile: This riding is home to the Halifax Dockyards, Fairview Cove Container Terminal, Northwood Manor and the Leeds St. campus of the Nova Scotia Community College. It also contains the original site of Africville, one of earliest black settlements in the province.

The riding contains a lot of public housing, apartments rented by students and thriving small businesses. There's a mix of seniors, families and young single people. The "north end," as it's known locally, is ethnically diverse, with stores and services on Gottinegn Street reflecting a variety of cultures, including MikMaq, African-Canadian, Middle Eastern and Nigerian.

In the 2003 redistribution, the riding added a corner of Halifax Citadel, the area between Cogswell Street in the north and Rainie Drive/Duke Street in the south.


Political History: It's former Liberal premier Gerald Regan's old seat; he held it from 1967 until the defeat of his Liberal government in 1978. The PCs held the riding through the 1980s. The NDP has held it since 1998. The 2003 race had the same three candidates who ran against each other in the previous provincial election.

2003: NDP Maureen MacDonald won 50 per cent of the vote. She defeated LIB Mike Rogers by 1,531 votes. PC Linda Carvery came in third with 19 per cent of the vote. NSP Blair Baxter got 116 votes.
1999: NDP Maureen MacDonald won 45 per cent of the vote. She defeated PC Linda Carvery by 1,340 votes. LIB Mike Rogers was third with 25 per cent of the vote.
1998: NDP Maureen MacDonald defeats LIB Gerry O'Malley by 2,331 votes.
1993: LIB Gerry O'Malley won in 1988 and 1993.

Voter Turnout: 55 per cent in 2003.


District Profiles

Overall Election Results
PartyElectedLeadingTotalVote Share
PC230 2339.57%
GRN00 0 2.33%
Last Update:June 19, 4:26:45 PM ADT

District Map

District map - 30 Halifax Needham

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