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DISTRICT: Cumberland Nord
CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Ernest FagePC464062.64%X
Bruce Alan FageLIB148019.98%
Kim CailNDP108514.65%
Darryl Gregory WhetterGREEN2022.73%
June 19, 4:26:45 PM ADT 1 of 1 polls reporting




Current MLA: Ernie Fage (PC)

Riding Profile: Cumberland North borders the Northumberland Strait. Its main population and service center is the town of Amherst, across the border from New Brunswick. The riding stretches east to Malagash, home of the Jost Winery, and includes Windsor Salt and a pewter manufacturing business in Pugwash. Outside the town, agriculture, maple syrup production and tourism are important secondary industries.

The major employers are in Amherst: IMP Aerospace, Poly-Cello, the new hospital, grocery stores and school board. The economy has been relatively stable in the last few years with unemployment dipping below the provincial average at about 10.5 per cent. Natural gas service is expected to arrive in Amherst, one of the first areas in the province to receive the service, late this year. Educational levels mirror the province's, with 46 per cent having high school or some post-secondary training.

The population is 18,230 and the average income is $22,040.


Issues: Sunday shopping (how much to allow) divides people in this area; poor secondary roads and high cost of car insurance, the shortage of family doctors and medical personnel to maintain health services.


Political History: In 1993, the riding name was changed from Cumberland East to Cumberland North and one poll was added from Cumberland West. Former PC Premier Roger Bacon held this riding from 1970 until 1993. It traditionally votes Tory.

In 1993, LIB Ross Bragg won the seat, the first time the Tories had lost in 40 years. PC Ernie Fage has held this riding since 1997.

2003: PC Ernie Fage received 4,609 votes (62 per cent) to defeat LIB Marsh G. Fox with 1,389. NDP Kim Cail came in third with 1,105 and IND Jason Blanch received 337.
1999: PC Ernie Fage received 5,936 votes (71 per cent) to defeat LIB Kathy Langille 1,595 and NDP Doug Wilson at 856.
1998: PC Ernie Fage defeated LIB Russell Scott by 3,013 votes.
1997: PC Ernie Fage defeated LIB Russell Scott by 2,831 votes in a by-election after the LIB incumbent died.
1993: LIB Ross Bragg defeated PC Ernie Fage by 1,251 votes to win the seat. Bragg died of cancer in 1997.
1988: PC Roger Bacon defeated LIB Carolyn Drysdale by 1,482 votes.

Voter Turnout: 60 per cent in 2003.


District Profiles

Overall Election Results
PartyElectedLeadingTotalVote Share
PC230 2339.57%
GRN00 0 2.33%
Last Update:June 19, 4:26:45 PM ADT

District Map

District map - 16 Cumberland North

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