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DISTRICT: Cap-Breton Ouest
CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Alfie MacLeodPC472953.76%X
Dave LeBlancLIB248828.28%
Terry CrawleyNDP134415.28%
Michael P. MilburnGREEN2362.68%
June 19, 4:26:45 PM ADT 1 of 1 polls reporting




Current MLA: Russell MacKinnon (IND)

Riding Profile: This is a largely rural riding, stretching across much of eastern Cape Breton.

It takes in the suburban area just outside Sydney consisting of Sydney River, Howie Centre and Sydney Forks. This is a generally prosperous area.

The riding extends right across to the Atlantic coast, taking in smaller, scattered communities such as Louisbourg and Marion Bridge on the Mira River.

It's also home to the province's largest First Nations community at Eskasoni.

The population is spread out and totals 20,230. The average income is $24,200. Education levels are at the provincial average, with 11 per cent having earned at least one university degree.

Unemployment stands at 16 per cent; the Fortress of Louisbourg, tourism and a service-based economy generating most of the jobs. Fishing is important, too, particularly along the Atlantic coast.

The main highways in the riding, including the highway to Louisbourg, (the island's biggest draw) the Number 4 and the Eskasoni Highway are all in terrible condition.


Issues: People say roads and transportation are the biggest issue for them. Car insurance is another significant element.


Political History: Liberal Russell MacKinnon, a land surveyor by training, was first elected in 1988. He resigned the seat in 1995 to protest the government's forced amalgamation in the Cape Breton regional municipality. PC "Big Alfie" MacLeod won the seat in the resulting byelection, but MacKinnon won the seat back in 1998.

2003: LIB Russell MacKinnon won easily, again, with 53 per cent of the vote. PC Ivan Doncaster received 25 per cent, and NDP Douglas MacKinlay got 22 per cent. MacKinnon left the Liberal caucus to sit as an independent in April 2005 after what he called "a difference of opinion."
1999: LIB Russell MacKinnon won handily with more than 52 per cent of the vote. NDP Brian Slaney finished second with 34 per cent. PC Joe Boudreau polled 1,375 votes.
1998: LIB Russell MacKinnon defeated NDP Brian Slaney by 1,595 votes.
1995: In an October byelection, PC Alfie MacLeod defeated LIB Gerry Delaney by 200 votes. Brian Slaney was third for the NDP.
1993: LIB Russell MacKinnon defeated NDP Victor Hanham by 5,300 votes.
1988: LIB Russell MacKinnon defeated PC Alfie MacLeod by 2,000 votes.

Voter Turnout: 67 per cent in 2003.


District Profiles

Overall Election Results
PartyElectedLeadingTotalVote Share
PC230 2339.57%
GRN00 0 2.33%
Last Update:June 19, 4:26:45 PM ADT

District Map

District map - 09 Cape Breton West

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