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Nova Scotia Votes 2003

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Voting Day August 05, 2003  
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Aug. 4, 2:11 p.m. - Availability

It was wonderful to see Gerald Rogers of theNS Party, Darrell Dexter of the NDP and Danny Graham of the Liberal Party in the Dartmouth Natal Day parade. Where was John Hamm?

We live in Dartmouth South and have yet to see anyone from Tim Olive's office or even he himself atour door. Both Marilyn More and Colin MacEachern have been here. We are wondering why Tim Olive has kept such a low profile? We didn't see him in today's parade, either, even though Doug Sparks, Marilyn More, Colin MacEachern, Gerry Pye and Jane MacKay were there.

Maybe he has given up the fight since the focus seems to be on Halifax Citadel. He sure doesn't campaign like the Akerley family or the Brownlow and Thornhill family organizations used to. Dartmouth South needs visibility and he doesn't have it. How did he ever get noticed by Premier Hamm and madea cabinet minister? The highest profile he had in recent months was crawling into the back of a paddy wagon one day or so before the strike involving home support workers was solved, JUST BEFORE THE WRIT was filed. SHAME! SHAME!

   - J. Weeks, Dartmouth




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