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Nova Scotia Votes 2003

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Riding Profiles
Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Gerald Sampson Liberal 2284 36.44% X
Keith Bain Conservative 2036 32.48%
Nancy MacKeigan New Democrat 934 14.9%
Brian Vincent Boudreau Independent 750 11.97%
Stemer MacLeod Independent 264 4.21%
 Last Update Tue Aug 5 10:44:24 ADT 2003 43 of 43 polls reporting





Liberal: Gerald Sampson
NDP: Nancy MacKeigan
PC: Keith Bain
IND: Brian Boudreau
IND: Stemer MacLeod

Current MLA: Kenny MacAskill (LIB)

Riding Profile: This is a new riding that takes in part of the former Cape Breton-The Lakes riding, which was dissolved. It includes the County of Victoria and part of Cape Breton County. It's a very rural riding, stretching from Boulardrie Island in the east, skirting the Bras d'Or lakes to the village of Baddeck, and then heading north to the tip of the island.

This riding is home to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, the Alexander Graham Bell Museum, the Gaelic College.

The Eskasoni and the Wagmatcook First Nations also make Victoria-The Lakes home. Most people make their living from tourism, fishing, or jobs in the service sector. Aspy Bay Fisheries in Dingwall is a major employer.

The population is 14,560 and the average income is $22,300. Educational levels are below the provincial average.



Issues: Roads are the big one, especially the Cabot Trail which is in very poor shape, even though it's the tourism flagship of the island. Auto insurance rates and the foreign ownership of land are also very much on the radar screen. Recent school announcements seem to have defused educational concerns.


Political History: This is a new riding although it includes much of the former Victoria riding, which in the past voted Liberal. Kenny MacAskill, who isn't running, has held the seat for the Liberals since 1988.

Brian "Crusher" Boudreau is running as an Independent after failing to win the Liberal nomination.

Voter Turnout: In the last election, the voter turnout was 71 per cent.




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 Overall Election Results
Party E L T Pop. Vote %
PC 25 0 25 36.33%
NDP 15 0 15 31.01%
LIB 12 0 12 31.44%
OTH 0 0 0 1.22%
 Last Update Tue Aug 5 10:44:24 ADT 2003


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