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Nova Scotia Votes 2003

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Riding Profiles
Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Barry Barnet Conservative 3320 40.99% X
Pam Streeter Liberal 2421 29.89%
Brenda Haley New Democrat 2253 27.82%
Melanie Patriquen Marijuana Party 105 1.3%
 Last Update Tue Aug 5 10:44:24 ADT 2003 41 of 41 polls reporting





Liberal: Pam Streeter
NDP: Brenda Haley
PC: Barry Barnet
MP: Melanie Patriquen

Current MLA: Barry Barnet (PC)

Riding Profile: The constituency was created in the 2003 redistribution from most of what was the Sackville-Beaver Bank riding (72%) and part of the Timberlea-Prospect riding (11%). Created mainly because of the fast-growing population of the Sackville area, the riding consists largely of bedroom suburbs and trailer parks and strip developments. It also contains two of the most affluent areas in the province (Glen Arbour and Upland Park).



Political History: Since 1993, the riding has been held by all three parties.

1999: PC Barry Barnet defeated NDP Rosemary Godin by 622 votes.
1998: NDP Rosemary Godin defeats LIB Bill MacDonald by 693 votes.
1993: LIB Bill MacDonald defeats NDP Frank Sutherland by 856 votes.

Voter Turnout:




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 Overall Election Results
Party E L T Pop. Vote %
PC 25 0 25 36.33%
NDP 15 0 15 31.01%
LIB 12 0 12 31.44%
OTH 0 0 0 1.22%
 Last Update Tue Aug 5 10:44:24 ADT 2003


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