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Voting Day August 05, 2003  
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Chiselling away at the party platforms
Terra Tailleur| CBC Online News | July 15

Nova Scotia artists are checking the party platforms, hoping there�s something somewhere for them. We�ve asked several people in the arts community what think of the election campaign:

Catherine Moir, Cape Breton artist and facilitator for Peer Consultancy:

“Lot’s of people are making decisions for artistic funding at this time who have absolutely no idea why they’re funding it or what art is.”

Mary Pat Mombourquette, managing director of Symphony Nova Scotia:

“Our culture is identified by our music. By supporting the symphony with dollars, we are supporting the province. I would like to ask the leaders, ‘What is their priority for funding for the arts’?”

Andrew Terris, artist and arts activist:

“I am very profoundly upset with the current government by the fact they shut down the Nova Scotia Arts Council and the anti-democratic way in which they did it.”

Michelle MacMillan Turner, executive member of the Nova Scotia Art Teachers Association:

“There’s a lot of talk right now about the various political parties providing a certain amount of funding for education, but I’m not hearing a whole lot about support for the arts.”

Christopher Shore, general manager of Theatre Nova Scotia:

“The one question I’d like to ask a panel of candidates is ‘What plans does your party have for new sources of funding in the cultural sector that your government would put in to place in the first year of its mandate?”

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