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Voting Day August 05, 2003  
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The new political map

CBC Online News | Aug. 4

The electoral map has been changed since the last election. A redistribution took effect at the end of 2002. There are still 52 seats, but many ridings have new boundaries, some ridings have been eliminated, and some new ones have been created.

If you put the last election results on the new map, the House of Assembly looks like this:

PC 32 Liberals 10 NDP 10

Electoral Districts 2003
Nova Scotia Electoral map 2003



However, before redistribution, at the time this election was called, the Progressive Conservatives held 31 seats; the New Democrats 11; and the Liberals 7. Two seats were vacant and independent Brian Boudreau represented Cape Breton-The Lakes, a riding that no longer exists.

Electoral Districts 1999
Nova Scotia Electoral map 1999


While 27 ridings have been affected, the most significant change is that Cape Breton has lost one seat (Cape Breton-The Lakes) and Metro Halifax has gained one (Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank) to reflect changes in provincial demographics.

The following electoral districts have changed since the last election. Click on them for complete riding details.

Some changes to the electoral districts are more complex. For example NDP Leader Darrell Dexter’s district, Cole Harbour, now includes a number of polls where Tory candidates were favoured in the past. If the new polls were factored in, Dexter would lose. As a result, this seat is reflected as Tory after redistribution, for the purposes of this election. Similarly, Tory Cecil Clarke’s seat of Cape Breton North is redefined as being held by the Liberals. This will be reflected in statements of parties’ gains and losses.

Election night is all about seeing what the House will look like when it reconvenes. Because there are still 52 seats, it takes 27 to form a majority government.
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