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Get to know team CBC: Meet Robert and Noelle Lavoie

Posted: May 17, 2013 12:19 PM ET Last Updated: May 17, 2013 12:19 PM ET

The family who runs together, stays together.

Robert and Noelle Lavoie are a Team CBC father-daughter pair. This is their second year with the team and Robert's fourth with the Blue Nose Marathon. The duo is delighted to be part of Team CBC once again.

"I had never been a part of a running group and was eager to learn how to improve and have fun at the same time," says Robert. "It was a great learning experience and I wasn't disappointed with the support organized by CBC."

Of course, 11-year-old Noelle had simpler reasons for joining the team.

"It's awesome and a way to have fun," says Noelle, a fourth grader at Chebucto Heights Elementary.

Noelle will be running in the Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run and Robert will be running in the 10 K. Both are no strangers to participating in races.

"I usually take part in anywhere from six to 10 runs per year," says the Halifax resident. "Noelle does many more than I do, this is her third year running in the youth running series and is active in the running club at her school."

Robert began running a few years ago, initially taking up the activity for health reasons.

"A few years ago I realized I wasn't getting any younger and my pants size seemed to be catching up to my age," says Robert. "Years earlier I'd seen the effects of heart disease in my family and I didn't want to go down that road."

Robert believes his daughter is also benefiting from running.

"Noelle is at the age she knows it's good for her and it's a good way to get fit," says Robert, a print production technician.

The father-daughter duo has a favourite route they named 'The Parks' and use their runs to spend quality time together.

"Between school and work, it's so busy that it's nice to have some time with Noelle where we can talk," says Robert. "Noelle and I both like to run and it's great that we can both head out together."

So what does Noelle say is her favourite part about running with her dad?

"It's fun," the 10-year old says.

As the Blue Nose race day draws closer, Robert hopes to make new memories

"I enjoy watching my daughter grow stronger each year she runs," says Robert. "We both ran in a race last year that ended with her season's best 5 K time and a nice finishing medal.

And the cherry on top of a successful race?

"The ice cream cone each runner can have afterward," says the pair.

To settle the question of who's the better runner, both had a different answer.

"For the time being, I'm the better runner, but I'm sure that's not going to last much longer," says the Halifax father of two.

Noelle had a simpler answer as to who is the better runner, "Me."
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