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Get to know Team CBC: Meet Bonnie Prosser

Posted: May 9, 2013 5:20 PM ET Last Updated: May 9, 2013 5:20 PM ET
Bonnie_Prosser_web.jpgBonnie Prosser loves to walk.

On May 19, during the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon she's walking the Recharge with Milk Half Marathon. That's more than 21 K.

"It looked like a lot of fun and it was a challenge to take on the 21.1 kilometre route," says Bonnie, a TEAM CBC member taking part in her second Blue Nose.  

She has many fond memories of the marathon, but one stands out in particular.

"My best race-day experience was stopping to dance with some little kids at one of the radio booths," she says.

Although Bonnie has a lot of fun on race-day, it does take a lot of dedication and work to get there.

"My training strategy is to get out and do it, even if only to squeeze in a quick one kilometre between other activities," she says.

Bonnie believes there are many benefits to walking in addition to just training for the marathon.

"Walking medium to long distances helps me slow down and enjoy life at a less than hectic pace," says Bonnie. "It gives me the time to explore various communities around HRM that I would otherwise not see due to the blinders that we put on when we are too focused on getting from point A to point B."

Bonnie also has some advice for someone who is interested in participating in a similar walking or running event.

"Get out and try it," says the Bathurst, NB native, who has lived in Halifax for 13 years. "Get involved in a way that suits you and makes you happy so that continued involvement or activity is fun."

In addition to training for the marathon, Bonnie also participates in other activities.

"I do lots of American tribal style belly dance so when walking conditions are poor, I am dancing," says Bonnie, an Operations Coordinator with SNC Lavalin. "It's a wonderful way to focus on specific muscle groups and develop flexibility."

Although this will be Bonnie's second Blue Nose Marathon, she still has her sights set high for the future.

"I want to walk the full marathon someday," admits Bonnie. "I'm nowhere near ready for that level of commitment, but I will get there!"
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