cbc investigates Province scolded for kicking single mom out of program that collects child support

An ombudsman's report obtained by CBC News concludes Justice Department officials didn't think of the children when it kicked a single mother out of the maintenance enforcement program. Jul 19 audio

cbc investigates Cultural gem or 'tax grab'? $20M in Annie Leibovitz photos caught in Canadian quandary

Four years ago, a Toronto family donated a collection of photographs worth $20 million to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. To this day it's never been displayed, caught up in a complex quagmire that could mean the works by noted photographer Annie Leibovitz will never hang on the gallery walls. Jul 12

cbc investigates How changes to prostitution laws shifted the way police tackle the issue

The number of prostitution-related charges has dropped in the Halifax region and in Nova Scotia districts covered by RCMP as they focus on traffickers. Cape Breton Regional Police, by contrast, launched a large sting targeting johns. Jun 16 audio

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