cbc investigates 'Charming' businessman owing nearly $100K in court judgments still advertising online

There are 16 small claims court judgments against Steven Brittain totalling almost $100,000. Aug 24 audio

cbc investigates Man who faked physiotherapy licence recently worked at Halifax clinic using alias

A man with a lengthy history of faking his physiotherapy credentials, including during his time in the Canadian Forces, was until recently working under an assumed name as a manager in Atlantic Canada's largest hospital system, CBC News has learned. Aug 18

cbc investigates Mom of terminally ill boy fights order to repay $31K in social assistance

The Department of Community Services says Samantha Monaghan had unreported income. She says nearly every cent she has goes to treating her ailing six-year-old son. Jul 28 audio

cbc investigates Province scolded for kicking single mom out of program that collects child support

An ombudsman's report obtained by CBC News concludes Justice Department officials didn't think of the children when it kicked a single mother out of the maintenance enforcement program. Jul 19 audio

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