Cardiac arrests kill 8 young hockey players in 9 years

Hockey Canada records show there have been at least eight deaths of minor and major junior league hockey players over the last nine years from cardiac arrests suffered on the ice or at the rink, CBC News has learned. Jun 17 video

Domestic torture should be a crime, advocates say

Two Nova Scotia advocates are calling on the federal government to amend the law to make non-state or domestic torture a specific criminal offence and not just a form of assault. May 29 video

exclusive N.S. woman 'tortured' for years by her family speaks out

Two Nova Scotia registered nurses who run a human rights advocacy group are speaking out about domestic "torture" cases with the help of a woman victim who first sparked the issue for them more than 20 years ago. May 30 video

exclusive Jordan Boyd didn't get defibrillator in key moments after collapse

A 16-year-old hockey player with an undiagnosed heart condition may not have had every opportunity to survive cardiac arrest during training camp in New Brunswick last August - a defibrillator wasn't used on Jordan Boyd before paramedics arrived after he collapsed on the ice, CBC News has learned. May 22 video

Watch Jordan Boyd 3:15

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