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Halifax Mayoral Candidates

There are six candidates in the running for the position of Mayor of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Voting day is October 20th.

Posted: July 13, 2012

Last Updated: October 23, 2012

On October 20th, Mike Savage was elected Mayor of Halifax.

Aaron Eisses

Aaron Eisses is a software developer and candidate for Mayor.

Video: First Person Interview - October 1, 2012

Steve Mackie

Steve Mackie is a Halifax based comedian and candidate for Mayor.

Video: First Person Interview - September 24, 2012

Robert Wesley McCormack

Robert McCormack has a background in geography and engineering and is the coordinator of Art of Living Halifax. He currently works as a dietary aide at Northwood Manor.

Video: First Person Interview - September 17, 2012

Mainstreet's Mayoral Candidates Forum

Mainstreet's first ever Halifax Mayoral Candidates' Forum.

Mayoral Candidates Forum - September 18, 2012

On September 10th, Vince Hall and Matthew Worona both dropped out of the election.
Their interviews remain available below.

Vince Hall

Vince Hall is a former councillor with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

Video: First Person Interview - July 30, 2012
Additional video: First Person Interview

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